NCAA Football 19

We’re less than a month away from college football. Unfortunately, I have bad news.

Everydayshouldbesaturday, the greatest college football blog is calling it quits.

It was good that college football had a blog that treated it as seriously as it deserved (i.e., not at all). I get that its style probably isn’t to everyone’s taste, but Spencer Hall is legitimately the best football writer I’ve ever read. Maybe just behind Louisa Thomas for best sportswriter period, though I’ve not really thought about it that hard. I’ve been slowly falling off college football for years now, but I always make sure to read his annual pre-season longform article, so thanks for linking it. It reads like he’s still writing for Vox/SB Nation, just ending the blog.

Anyway. College football in 2019. I hear from solid sources that ‘bama and Clemson are going to be good. I wonder if Michigan can finally win the Big Ten? All the schools I could conceivably have a rooting interest in suck at football, so I guess I’ll support Auburn to cause chaos, winning and losing games in unfathomable ways against random opponents, as is their wont.

Well, Michigan has already announced they are going with a two quarterback system, so you can stick a fork in them.

Lol. That’s perfect. That’s peak Michigan football. 9-3 all the way.


Eh - I think what Harbaugh said was that he expects McCaffrey to play significant minutes. Patterson will be the starter.

That said, do I expect Michigan to win the Big Ten? I won’t believe it until after the OSU game.

What I saw was he said both QBs would play in every game. That seems to me to be the definition of a two-QB system. And I’ve never seen that successfully done at high levels.

You got me curious so I dug up the article …and I guess you’re sorta right?

Chicago — Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said he wants to see quarterbacks Shea Patterson and Dylan McCaffrey both playing valuable time in games this fall. No, he’s not talking about a two-quarterback system, but McCaffrey, the backup last season and entering this fall, will see the field more.

“Where it stands right now, that could change later or not, is I see them both playing,” Harbaugh said. “Where it stands right now, I see maybe redefining what a starter is. I see that. That’s where it is now. You want to get both on the field either at the same time or separately.” “I’m really not talking about playing them both at the same time,” he said. “When I say I want to play them both in games it’s really going to be, they’re both playing quarterback during the same game. The way it stands now, in every game.”

Sounds like mostly coach-speak but it sounds like we may see a package with both on the field or something.

  1. When I first saw this thread appear my first thought was finally they worked everything out and we are getting a NCAA Football 2019 video game. Very dissapointed when I jumped into the thread.

  2. GO DUCKS!!

Seriously though, way too much hype for a team that looked lost on offense all year. I have no confidence that Arroyo knows how to call a game. I like Herbert, but he struggled at times last year and I’m not sure if it was him or the boring offense he was forced to lead. Seriously if they run it up the middle on 1st & 2nd down 90% of the time again this season I’m done.

Oh yeah, one thing that might be worth mentioning is that this year there are 2 Week 0 games so the college football season officially starts a bit earlier than normal. I have no idea why these games were scheduled like this but I’m not complaining

At least Hawaii gets to start the season at home.

A few years ago, they played the first college football game of the season against Cal in Australia. The following week, they were in Ann Arbor to play Michigan. JET LAG.

Gotta love the ticket prices there: Miami vs Florida, $196. Arizona vs Hawai’i, $16.

Wakes up
Clay Helton is still the coach, Lynn Swann is still the AD
goes back to bed

As a Ducks fan I both find this both shocking and awesome as it allows us to keep stealing talent to the north.

Cripes. That has never freaking worked. Why are they doing that? What an expensive bust Harbaugh has been.

I assume it is because one QB can’t run and the other can’t throw. Which should make things REALLY easy for the opposing defensive coordinator to call plays.

It’s primarily that the backup (McCaffrey) is probably more physically talented than the starter (about equal in passing, but better runner), but has little experience and has been injury prone the past few years. Too tempting for him to ride the bench when he has higher upside.

Just got season tickets for my team!

There’s no good non-conference opponent (like usual), but any year you get USC, Oregon, and WSU in Husky Stadium is a good year.

This is an interesting team. We lost tons of elite defensive talent the past few years to the NFL, but recruiting is at an elite-level, and we’ve got tons of young talent coming in. Still, hurts to lose so many veterans.

Our all-time rushing leader graduated. And our 4-year-starter QB who holds damn near every passing record is also gone. But that may be a blessing. Browning never had a great arm to begin with, and once teams figured that out, they focused on taking away the short pass and Browning floundered.

Into the breach will step Jacob Eason, 5-star QB who went to Georgia, started the entire 2016 season, but got injured in the first game of 2017, which allowed Jake Fromm State Farm to take over. And all State Farm was good for was leading Georgia to the National Title Game.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Eason transferred to Washington. Per transfer rules, he was unable to play last year, so he learned the system. Now he’s set to take over. He’s basically everything Browning wasn’t. Big, bold, with a monster arm and the experience of playing against SEC defenses. But the reports from Spring Camp were mixed, so all the fans are cautiously holding on to their butts.

Well, gonna be a fun year. Hopefully.

Well, you got a Dawg now playing for another team named for a dog! It has to work!

If UCLA can generate a decent pass rush with unproven players, I expect a big year. By the end of last year, the offensive line issues of the past few years had been addressed by Kelly, and Josh Kelly looked like an all pac 12 player. With a pass rush, a 5-1 start is not out of the question (would imply a split of a pretty tough back to back - Oklahoma at home then at WSU to open pac 12 play).