NCAA Football (Not the Video Game)

Getting ACC ready.

This, 100%. Thing is, Deion’s Buffs are now 3-0, and while their remaining schedule is not easy, and they lost one of their best players to injury, there is still a legit chance they win 6 games and become bowl eligible. Taking Colorado to bowl game, even a crappy one, a season after it only won a single game would cement the Deion Sanders legend and buy him at least 4 more years to improve on that accomplishment.

If he does get to a bowl game this year or next, his recruiting job becomes that much easier (and recruiting is already his strong point). He’ll have the talent on field to keep succeeding, so the question becomes does he (or more realistically his coaching staff) have the skills to coach that talent to compete for a BigXII Championship and by extension a CFP berth? Odds are the answer is NO, but then betting against Deion never seems to work out the way people think it will.

Personally I was angry that Cincinnati’s stupid AD never seemed to seriously consider Sanders for our opening, so I’m going to keep rooting for Sanders to succeed and our AD to lose his job. Although something tells me Sanders wouldn’t have come to Cincy anyway, as the CU job was all low expectations and high upside, while Cincy was a job with high expectations right out of the gate. Regardless, I’m now one more bandwagon Colorado fan from afar.

I had CU at 4 wins on the year. 6 now seems perfectly reasonable (UA, ASU, Stan).

But the team has enough talent to beat some ranked teams. You can’t count out an elite QB.

And now everyone wants to discount their schedule, but they have no cupcakes and beat a Big12, Big10 rival and G5 in-state rival.

The biggest reason the wheels may come off is injuries. Nebraska showed that you could hurt the interior line by bring an extra rusher, but CSU exploited that even more after CU lost their center and had to play a freshman. DL and LB depth is similarly thin.

That being said they have some good reinforcements coming, including a star every down back in Alton McCaskill (returning from ACL) and a couple of FSU transfers at safety and LB.

Bummer we won’t see Hunter for 3-4 weeks.

Also, the rumors in recruiting I’m seeing right now are ‘unprecedented’ and the outlook for 2025 is ‘even better’.

Let’s do it! It may finally be what gets the idea through the door in the U.S.
I always dreamed it would happen for baseball.

How do stats work in this system? If I’m the greatest player in baseball but play for a bad team like Mike Trout or Ohtani, do my stats just not count during the seasons that the Angels are relegated? Do I just force my way off the team if we get relegated? I don’t follow european football so not sure how all that typically works.

Personnel is very fluid from what I understand of European football. If you’re that good a better funded, upper tier team will buy out your contract. But going to play in bad leagues for huge money is also common.

Records are kept by League, but also by player. You may have the most goals in the Premier League, but not the most goals by a player in history, for example.

It’s really no different than American sports that way. If you’re in the top League that’s where your stats for that League are counted.

I do wish we had relegation in the US. The NBA specifically could really benefit from it.

That seems really dumb. So let’s say I’m an Angels fan and Mike Trout’s my favorite player. He’s getting to the end of his career and has 2900 hits. I’m excited to get to see him get hit #3000 in the following season but oh no my Angels weren’t good last year and are getting relegated. Now either Trout won’t get a chance at 3000 hits or he just has to leave my team to go do it somewhere else? That seems really really dumb and sucky for fans of a team.

Another monster weekend in the Pac12 - 3x ranked on ranked games, and don’t sleep on UW/Cal - Cal has had their number the past few years (and could still be undefeated save for massively choking against Auburn - 3 missed FG’s and squandered redzone opportunities), but we will have to wait to see 'SC tested:


Meanwhile, the basketball schools in the ACC are balling out!

The oregon v Colorado line seems about right even though it’s college football and stuff happens sometimes so I don’t know if I’d want to put money on 20+ points.

I actually think UCLA pulls off the upset against Utah so I like the 4 1/2 points there.

I think Oregon State beats Washington by 10+

Washington should have no issues with Cal. Similar to the Oregon game 21 points seems about right but you never know.

We’ll for sure have some clarity on who are the legit teams and who aren’t in the Pac 12 after this weekend.

What was wrong with the conference system we had 20 years ago?


2022 UW won by 7 (tied going into 4th quarter)
2021 UW won in overtime
2019 Cal won by 1
2018 Cal won by 2

Former UW DC Justin Wilcox (not Lake - grr) has been really, really tough on UW since he’s been at Cal.

None of what happened in previous years matters to what might happen this year. Look, I hate the Huskies with a passion, but they have a talented team with a very talented QB. I think they are better than last years team and I think they blow out Cal this year.

Jimmy Lake has been tough since he’s been at Cal? Hasn’t he only been there for 1 game (last year)?

That was the goddamn lightning game. It was Pac-12 After Dark, 7:30 PM kickoff. An unreal lightning storm hit Seattle shortly after kickoff. I’ve never seen anything like it. Almost a 2 hour delay. Probably only a few thousand of us left when Coach Petersen came out of the locker room and announced that we were going to play. And then we lost on in the final minute. Brutal, brutal game.

Lake is in the NFL. He’s the assistant head coach of the Rams.

Ah, he must have meant Justin Wilcox, not Jimmy Lake, that would make more sense.

Wilcox used to be the DC at Washington. It’s what gave us this gift


He’s a damn fine defensive head coach. He always gives us trouble.

Meanwhile, hopefully Lake learns from McVay. He was apparently quite the micromanager when he got the job at Washington, and that was his downfall.

Oops. updating ;)