NCAA Football (Not the Video Game)

Maybe the Sun Belt conference can cut a deal with Sunbelt Equipment Rentals and not have to change a thing?! Everyone wins!

Lots of options for the MAC not to have to change their name either.

Yes!! :rofl:

and now, of course, I’m imagining the (new) conference logo splashed all over the fields and uniforms!

It’s official as of today the Pac12 is officially dead, and TX/OU are in the SEC.

The era of the Power 2 Super Conferences, the The Lesser 2, and the Midmajors (with bonus Pac2) has arrived.

As has the 12 team playoff (gee, would have been nice to have done that when there was still a Pac12, but this is how the CFP has rolled).

Ok Is Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy really this stupid? His starting RB was busted for DUI. Gundy made the decision not to suspend him and when question why had this awesome reply:
“So I looked it up on my phone, what would be the legal limit? Like, in Oklahoma, it’s .08. And Ollie was 0.1. So I looked it up. And it was, based on body weight — not to get into the legal side of it, but I thought, really, two or three beers, or four,” Gundy said. “I’m not justifying what Ollie did, I’m telling you what decision I made. Well I thought, ‘I’ve probably did that 1,000 times in my life.’ Which is fine. I got lucky, people get lucky.”

Yep, Gundy just basically publicly admitted that he is a pathological intoxicated driver.

That’s what Gundy calls “daily doubles”.

Yeesh. I mean even for a dude who just says some head-to-desk shit as often as Gundy does, that one is…something.

Especially just a few days after an NFL rookie who was just drafted was killed in what looks like an alcohol-related car accident. (Not, apparently alcohol-related on the part of the football player and his friends, but rather on the other driver.)