NCAA Football (yes, the video game)

It’s been a long seven years, but EA Sports is returning to the series. I guess it’s called College Football now to help get around all the myriad of issues the NCAA had.

This is not much of a sports gaming forum, from what I can tell, but I am pretty excited about this. I wonder if it will be the more innovative of the two EA football games like NCAA used to be.

I was really hoping sports games would purposefully use flat, static crowds to simulate the standees being used in some venues.

Of course, going all meta would be using the normal animated crowds and the in-game announcers pointing out how they’re all simulated with Unreal tech. Now that would be awesome.

Those 2D graphical crowds would have been perfect for this past year of cardboard stadium crowds.

Oh man this is awesome news! Hopefully it’s already been in development for a while and isn’t 2 years out.


‘Holt said EA Sports is still in the very beginning of the process of game development, building out the team and deciding what direction it wants the game to go in.’

Is it on PC?

That would be a nice change.

This is great news for me. The NCAA games were perhaps my favorite sports titles ever. They were usually technically behind Madden, but they had a joyful spirit that made them very enjoyable for me to play. I hope that that will continue.

I’m not a player of the Football video games, but I am curious how they will handle the licensing issues. Will they individually license some famous players from some schools? Will they slightly rename everyone, include the names of the schools themselves?

Wow, not until summer of 2024? That’s a major bummer, I was really hoping to see this next year.

The rumor is that it was supposed to be 23 but, EA being EA, it slipped to 24.

The article covers all of that. They have 120+ schools plus the College Football Playoff plus the conferences all licensed. NIL will allow them to license player likenesses but they are still working through the details on that.

Reskinning Madden didn’t work…

That’s sort of what I figured they might do for this 1st version just to get it out. With that said it’s good to know that isn’t the route they are taking.

This gives me joy. I’m not a big sports guy but like sports games. I always got more enjoyment from NCAA than Madden. It wasn’t as technically proficient (I.e., visually stunning), but it always seemed to have more heart. I hope that that will come back. Fingers crossed!