NCAA tells EA that they've been cut

Title NCAA tells EA that they've been cut
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 17, 2013

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has decided to not renew their contract with EA Sports to develop games based on their license. In a statement published on their website, the NCAA cited increasing litigation costs as a factor in their decision..

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So EA can take peoples likenesses, make money from it and say "First Amendment rights", yet if I were to open a store called the "The Oprah Store" with Oprah's likeness to it I wouldn't be visited by Oprah's lawyers?

Weren't magazines being threatened by Google if they used the term "googling" when not in the context of actually using the Google search engine to find search results?

Geez the world is a crazy place...

In all fairness, EA's taking the players' likenesses isn't really much worse than the NCAA's selling those same likenesses to EA and penalizing any players who try to profit from their own likeness.

College athletics is such a mess. Too much money. But I will miss being able to take my Kstate Wildcats to the BCS National Title game they will probably never play :(

Pretty much I shift more the blame to the NCAA. They're the one selling these rights. I'm sure they rather actual get full rights and have their names and everything to use too but they can't. The NCAA is probably just tired of hearing about it from the players and potential lawsuits.

Actually, this very likely has EVERYTHING to do with the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit. People have been saying that the NCAA is in deep trouble with this suit--which will likely change the very nature of collegiate athletics if it's decided against the NCAA. For folks looking at the tea leaves on how the NCAA thinks it's doing in O'Bannon...well, this gives us a hint.

This could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.