NCAA Week 7

#1 and #17 LSU are in a dogfight, though doesn’t look good for LSU right now. Third overtime, and fourth down. They need a TD, too, cause UK is up 7.

Jeezus, Cal is the #1 team in the country now. Don’t know how I feel about that. They’re #1 by default, mostly. I went to a Cal game this year and they’re good, but I don’t think they’re #1 or even #5 good.

I will cry if I have to watch a Cal/OSU championship. I’d really like to see LSU or UF in the big game!

Even better…a Ohio State-S. Florida championship game!

But yeah, I’m going to enjoy hearing the anger from SEC country if none of their teams make the title game because of this, even if I don’t want OSU or Cal in the title game myself.

Or, they could lose too…

Down 20-14 heading to the 4th quarter.

Go Beavers!!! Cal #1 is just unnatural. Freakish, even.

Told you nobody big was going to go undefeated.

Goodbye, LSU.

Everyone who had the top 3 of Ohio State, Boston College, and South Florida for the first BCS rankings of the year, you hit the biggest trifecta of all time.


I’d love to see USF pull it all off in the end. What a victory for the underdog that would be!

Well, luckily nobody has to worry about that any more :)

I can only wonder what might’ve been if Cal’s QB had been healthy, though - Oregon State might’ve still won, as they definitely brought their A-game.

Regardless, a top-5 caliber team at home should beat an unranked team, even with a backup QB.

Especially a back up quarterback that played that well. He panicked in the last play, but he narrowly avoided game ending sacks like 4 times on that drive. It’s amazing her got the team that far.

OSU had injuries too. 2nd string corner, safety, slot receiver, left guard; all playing in place of all PAC-10 class players. The back-up corner gave some quotes when asked about how he matched up with Jackson where he said he thought he was fast and could run with anybody. This was reported as “trash talk” around the media. Well, if it was it was certainly founded given Jackson’s 4 catches for 5 yards. OSU just came through and out gamed Cal.

Yeah, I can’t really complain - the backup QB’s play pretty much exceeded all expectations.

I really have to give Oregon St. credit - I don’t think they were the most talented team Cal has played, but they really made no mistakes, which is tough at this point in the season when your starters are injured. Just an incredibly solid game on the road from the Beavers.

Damn Louisville. I knew Cincinnati would get caught looking ahead as soon as Louisville fell out of the rankings. The Bearcats went into that home game thinking they’d put up big numbers on what passes for defense from Louisville, and they didn’t play with the same intensity they’ve played with the first 6 games, so it bit them on the ass.

6-1 is atill fantastic, and a win over either West Virginia or South Florida in the weeks to come would cement their season, but I was really hoping to go up against West Virginia with an 8-0 record and a Top 10 ranking. Instead they tumble to 23rd and won’t rise into the Top 20 again even if they win against Pittsburgh next week.

Well Nebraska got pummeled again and now it’s shaping up to be our worst season in something like 50 years. Which is of course completely unacceptable in this state.

The University of Nebraska Athletic Director was fired earlier this afternoon. It’s now not a question of whether the coaching staff will get the axe, it’s a matter of how many of them and when.

Fired, huh? Didn’t people have high expectations for Nebraska this year too? I seem to remember them being ranked preseason…or am I misremembering?

No offense, Nick, but at this point Nebraska is like a joke team to the rest of the country. I still remember when they were a powerhouse team, but it’s a bit like remembering that Notre Dame was too. You have to keep reminding yourself that this isn’t the way things are supposed to be. I’ve come to just expect Nebraska to be bad every year…it’s odd.

Oh yeah, we were as high as mid teens at one point this season.

Well in our defense we did have a couple of decent seasons in the last few years. I mean, it’s only been 6 years since we had a title game appearance and we’ve hovered around the bottom of the top-25 rankings for the last few years. But yes, I can’t argue that Nebraska has faded quite a bit from our 90’s glory days.

The program is definitely down and probably will be for the next few years. Even assuming someone good can be brought in to reverse the trend it’s still going to take them a few years to get things on track and put their own stamp on the program.

If that’s even possible. Sometimes a school gets lucky and finds a young coach that’s a perfect fit or grows into the job and then has a long run of success. The problem is that when that coach is gone the fans have high expectations that often aren’t met because they’ve become unrealistic. Plus the fans remember the glory years and tend to forget that even the coaching legend had bad years.

Maybe it’s time for Nebraska to start being realistic? Same goes for some other schools . . .

They should just hire a new guy and pay him $saban +1 so that EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. comes down to the last possession.

Too true. I’m a believer that the fans can be too touchy and too quick to demand coaching changes so I’ve patiently defended the Callahan regime for years but this year I think it takes time and experience to get good at the college coaching gig. I’m in favor keeping the HC because he’s obviously a smart fellow and with some experience could be verygood but the defensive coordinator has to go. Cosgrove has frankly never been good anywhere, in his up years he was just acceptable and I don’t see an upside to keeping him around.

Well like it or not football is a BIG money maker for the UNL athletic department so there’s quite a lot of incentive to attempt to please the fans and put together a coaching staff that can get wins and be competitive. I suspect fans expectations have lowered quite a bit from the glory days but it’s still hard to swallow a season where our defense is so far putting up the statistically worst performance in the 118 years history of Nebraska football.

I want to be clear that I’m not defending Callahan; his dismissal may be the right thing to do. However, fans should not hold the next coach to the Tom Osborne standard. Don’t become like Notre Dame where you need to win a championship in the first 3-4 years or you are considered a failure.

I’ve lived in Seattle for the last 10 years and have observed this with Washington fans.