Near gold screenshots for GalCiv II

I totally disagree. Some people may feel that way, but plenty of us hate hate hate reloading from saves, so I’m grateful for the approach they’re taking with GalCiv II. I wish more games would do it that way, because it’s infinitely more interesting than playing through a strict sequence of missions, and demands better mission design on the part of the developers. It’s GREAT that Stardock isn’t catering to the wussy, linear-minded gamers you describe.

The retail box has a printed manual. The download version is a PDF. Though we could let people get the printed manual in exchange for shipping/handling or something. Haven’t really thought of it.

I’m not sure how Amazon works it out yet as they don’t order until after release. So I can’t say either way.

I’m not sure what you mean by item 1. There’s screenshots of the player talking to the aliens. You can trade pretty much anything for anything.

I feel that way and hate hate hate hate (I win by one hate) reloading from saves. It comes down to an issue of trust. Do I trust the developer not to screw me in the future just because of a loss in one mission? Generally, I don’t.

Good news on that front (okay, not really). There is no tech that implies planet building. ;) We do have terraforming how, however.

Indeed. And people CAN just play the linear campaign. They get the option to replay the mission or try an alternative mission.

One of my favorite gaming memories is from Wing Commander where the Kilrathi are shooting at a fleeing Tiger’s Claw fleeing back to Earth. I think it adds to the story.

Personally, and I shouldn’t be saying this again, I hate campaigns. But they do tell a decent story. The all victory missions are the usual “Take planet X”. The alternative missions are different such as win over allies, culturally take over a quadrant, etc.

So if I were into campaign missions in strategy games, I’d probably make sure I played the alternative ones too to make sure I got to see them all.

Wow, I just went from zero interest to MUST BUY ON RELEASE. (I never played galciv 1)

Ok, well as long as I can turn those worthless dirtballs in my star systems into prestine planets where kittens and bunnies can frolic and play, ill be satisfied.

You always have the option to just crank up the “habitable planets” option when you start your game.

That misses the point.

There are limits to Terraforming (right now). There is no Genesis type device. You could, for instance, potentially take a class 5 planet (Mars like) and turn it into a class 9 (near Earth). But you can’t, for instance, take a class 5 planet and turn it into a class 20 (some sort of Eden type planet).

Nothing to add except the game is looking outstanding! Can’t wait to pick it up!

I will be getting the game through your download service, but I would love an option like this. Printed manual>PDF


Almost the same for me, although I went to interested enough to track the game and see if I have the time to play it when it’s released (rather than must-buy). I’ve been looking for something a little different but still in the genres I enjoy, and this might be the game that fits that bill.

[Edit] Went on an information discovery journey and have to say I’m even more interested now than I was just that short bit ago. How does the game run on a widescreen LCD? I’ve a 2005FPW as my primary display, and am curious if the game supports 1680x1050.

Pretty much everyone I know who played WC, yes.

Oh, sure, lots tried it the other way. I did. Then you find yourself in a dead-end “hah, hah, you lose” mission sequence. What are you going to do then? Start the game over from the first mission every time that happens?

Huh, so do you think maybe that was a problem with the WC developers’ design of the campaign, or with the very notion of a branching win/loss campaign structure? That’s a rhetorical question.

Anyway, as Brad says, you can always reload from a save and replay a mission until you win it, so the complaint is pointless. Save your breath, Mr. Neil!

Hey Brad, what do you imagine a class “a lot better than earth” type planet looks like? And why wouldn’t whatever it is that makes it so good be irrevocably fucked up by us settling on it?

Speaking generally, and hijacking the thread about Brad’s gorgeous-looking game, would you be satisfied if there was a special PDF version of a manual that you could print then fold in half to make a booklet?

I think that “I kicked their butts, raarrr” is going to be inherently more satisfying than “After a long campaign in which I managed to win 2.3 battles, the enemy nuked my home planet, ate my dog, and slept with my girlfriend”.

And that if the end result of losing every battle I fight is anything other than “I lose”, I’m going to wonder why I bothered getting out there and risking my life in the first place.

I’m very interested now :). What’s the best way to buy this game [read: more $ for developers]?