Necessity is the mower of invention

Yesterday right as I started mowing my deck belt snapped. This leaves the tractor able to run but not able to mow. So I did my front lawn with the push mower and then tonight I figured I’d have to do the back with the push mower. After about 5 minutes of pushing I was not enjoying myself and thought “man…it really sucks to have a working tractor and yet not be able to mow…because riding on the tractor is really easy. If only I could use the tractor to push this damn push-mower then…HEY!!!”

Which is when I started doing this:

About three minutes after that I ended up tying the push mower to the tractor and I finished the law without breaking a sweat!

Laziness + brain = win!

I can’t tell whether that’s pathetic or awesome. But either way, I love it!


LOL - Usually it works like this:

laziness + brain = FAT

But for your cunning, you get an A+

Riding mowers are for wusses or professionals or professional wusses.

Which are YOU?

That’s a really wussy-looking lawn tractor ya got there, too. :)

Real men use these:

Wow look at the size of that backyard!

/california envy

One of these days I’m going to go buy a reel mower and harness it up to the dog, at which point I can mow the lawn with a tennis ball.

Was your tractor able to mow and it broke though? Cause then it’s okay.

That is a beautiful backyard. You should put a little pond back there.

My back yard is about 1/100th the size of that.

My backyard is about the size of my work desk.
I was thinking about buying a tractor and a shed for it… just because it wold look funny with the shed taking up half the garden.



Not to be a downer, but aren’t you roughly the equivalent of the porkbeasts at the grocery that are too fat to shop for the glutinous blobs of sugar and lard they shove down their filthy gobs, and thus take the scooter carts because they can’t actually, you know, be bothered to walk?

Lawnmowers in general are understandable, as cutting grass with a scythe sucks pretty hard, but you weren’t actually replacing the scythe, you were replacing your own legs. It’s hard to define what bothers me about this, but it seems that when the big mower broke down, you should have just used the push mower as intended, rather than saying “well, this is obviously too tough to handle without sitting down”.


This is obviously the perspective of someone who, like me, can mow his yard in under an hour.

Oh, hey, I’m not saying he should push mow it every time, a big-ass yard is a good reason to have a tractor/mower. It’s just actively refusing to push-mow when the tractor breaks down just struck me as . . . excessively excessive.


Nice, but if you were really using your brain you’d have paved the whole thing long ago.

Well the lazy mowing was in addition to the 20 shutters I painted, the three hedges that I trimmed, the toilet that I overhauled, and the tree that I cut down this weekend.


Spoken like a man with a wife with too much time on her hands. Why is it that spouses wait around all day (week) and then think “Hey, you’ve been working all day (week), I bet you’re ready to bust your ass around here and entertain me as well!”


That backyard is actually the size of Eastern Massachusetts, where – if you’re lucky – the lot is just large enough for the bungalow to fit.

Bonus points for the hearing protection while dislocating your shoulder holding on to the mower.

As for your solution, I’m from the south, so I see all kinds of redneck ingenuity that you would die for down here.