Necromunda: Hired Gun - Bounty Hunting 40K Style

There’s a new singleplayer FPS from the folks who made Deathwing and the utterly crazy E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy that gives me major Titanfall 2 vibes releasing in June.

It’s set in a giant, vertical megacity (similar to Hengsha in Human Revolution) where you location in the spire reflects your status.

Oh my! Thanks for the thread @MrTibbs , this looks great!

That game was wack, in a good way.

I’m sold.

Looks good. Is there any info on game structure (on rails, branching, open)?



That looks a lot closer to E.Y.E. though, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

Oh my god, EYE devs plus 40k?! Uuuugh, I don’t wanna buy anymore games!

That didn’t quite work last time.

I can’t find any details about the specifics of the gameplay structure. The Focus Home Twitter account says you can pick your own contracts, but I have no idea how open that might be or the level of agency you’ll have.

@ Soren_Hoglund I loved how Deathwing looked but it 100% wasn’t for me.

Thank you! Liked EYE, but never tried Deathwing.

That looks pretty cool. I’ll keep an eye on it.

This reminds me of what the Prey reboot looked like before it got, uh, rebooted.

Love eye and love wh so hopeful

Oh, I didn’t play Deathwing. Bad? I actually didn’t know they did that.

Is that Burn Gorman on the VoiceOver?

I’m 100% with @MrTibbs on Deathwing - looks great, but it real undercooked in every other other aspect. It didn’t even have proper fuller auto:

Well, another game that I’d be more interested in playing if it didn’t have the stink of the Warhammer license on it. :(


Focus Home Interactive just acquired the developer.

We hopefully should be hearing more specifics details about how the game’s structure sometime this week.

So my brain wants it to be a day 1 buy, but Space Hulk Death Wing was a big clunky , anyone else on the fence?