Necromunda: Hired Gun - Bounty Hunting 40K Style

2 potentially great or clunky games come out within a week or so of each other…this and Biomutant. My hope is they both rock!

I’m going to take the plunge. The price on this is quite fair for $40 and a lot of stores are doing handsome pre-order discounts on top of that.

Plus I am a card carrying member of the MOAR GW games club and enjoy the Necromunda setting.

I like the humor in the trailer. Would like to see extended gameplay footage.


Sold. Done.

I think this is looking decent, if reviews are good I might grab it after I’m done with Ratchet & Clank

Oooh a grappling hook, is that the first time they showed that?

Grappling hooks are my kryptonite. They got my attention now. ;)

I pre-ordered this. It’s very rare that I pre-order games but when I do my instincts are usually pretty savvy. Previous successes include Cyberpunk 2077, Firefall, Battlefield 4 and, of course, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That’s impressive. Have you preordered Biomutant by any chance? ;)

Don’t answer that! I want to believe!

So do I, but the devs aren’t exactly making that easy, since there were no on-hands previews, and we’re two weeks away from release… ;)

I am sure Biomutant will turn out fine. :)

I too have pre-ordered Necromunda. 32% off @ humble tempted me. Might even play it at release!

Well, 3 weeks away from release. And I thought I’d seen some hands-on stuff a month or two ago…

I am interested but are there any real gameplay videos for this? I haven’t seen any so that is preventing any pre-order on my part.

There are, but all of them have been provided by the devs. As far as I know no one outside of devs and PR actually played the game in any significant way. There are no hands-on previews where previewers actually played the game for any significant stretch of time, no footage that isn’t provided by PR, etc. It doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence at this point.


Here we go, dem 40k visuals, mmmmmm.

So is this level based or more open world or hub based?