Need a Break from WoW. Looking for PC games

have any really good RTS games or Adventure games came out for the PC in the past 2 or 3 months? I mean a one where you can play for 40+ hours. I heard good things about rome Total war, but not much else besides that.

How about comming up in the next month or two, anything good comming out soon?

This is a good opportunity to pick up Rome: Total War as a long awaited patch was finally released. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet but it seems to address all the outstanding issues I had with the game.

Hearts of Iron 2 is fantastic if you like insanely complex grand strategy game. There’s a cadre of co-workers here who regale each other with increasingly ahistorically goofy achievements we managed. (My personal best was mounting a nearly successful invasion of Cuba as Haiti)

Battle for Middle Earth is more of a classic RTS. Goofy gameplay but fun and very nice production values.

Some people like Armies of Exigo but I couldn’t get past the fact that it was so much of a Warcraft 3 clone that Blizzard could probably sue if they wanted to.

Really good adventure games in the past 2 to 3 months? Um, how about 2 to 3 years? The sequel to The Longest Journey is supposed to be out later this year I think.

The Moment of Silence seems pretty good, although its hard to judge since I’m not too far into it yet. Near future sci-fi conspiracy. There’s a demo that’s worth checking out.

There are also a bunch coming up that look pretty good. Try looking here:


Riddick. There’s combat but it’s not HL2 or Doom3 type combat. There’s a good bit of sneaking and a lot of talking to NPCs. Excellent game.

Hearts of Iron 2… I like complext strategy games, but if its borders upon the Byzantine, then it might be a bit much for me. For example Eurpa Unversals, I gave up after about 4 attempts, possibly beause it was far to complicated, or because the horrable sound bug and crashes I experienced. Alpha Centauri was a lot of fun and somewhat complex. So where does this lie in learning curve?

Rome total war might be cool to look at. The demo didnt impress me, but then you pointed out the economic aspects of the game were totally missing from the demo. The thing is, I didn’t like Myth or Myth II. This games seems a lot like it in some ways which kind of gives me a bad feeling.

I heard good things about battle for middel earth, but then the gamrankings score wasn’t high enough. In my personal experince, with the unblanced game reviews that come out, I really need to see very high scores to like something. For example, if an RTS only gets 85% I usually do not like it that much. IF its at least 90 I tend to like it quite a lot, and 95% is a must buy. Its kind of sad, but since even shitty games still tend to get a 60 to 70% rating, I have to be this way.

Pirates is definitly on my list to check out, but isnt quite what I am in the mood for at the moment. Ill definitly check out the Moment of Silence demo.

I picked up Rome:TW. It is pretty cool. I tried playing online, what a hateful experience. Working with gamespy is a nightmare. I think maybe 1 in 20 attempts to start a game actually worked, the rest resulted in disconnects.

I have a request for anyone adding multi-player to thier games. Please allow direct IP games for WAN games, not just LAN games. Also, if you go with gamespy, please make sure it works under real-world conditions. I know before the first RoN big patch, getting in games was a total crap-shoot. It was quite normal to make 5 attempts to get in a game where everyone loaded and no one dropped in the first 10 seconds.

Played Rise of Nations? Dawn of War? Good RTS games…

If a couple more patches come out for Bloodlines I can start recommending it without a lot of caveats …

Huh? If you can enter an IP address of a server to connect to, then there should be no logical difference between WAN and LAN games, because the game doesn’t, or shouldn’t, know the difference between packets staying on the LAN and packets that had to be routed.

Actually I picked up Bloodlines last week very cheap in the January sales and ,with the patch, have been having a lot of fun with it, the remaining bugs I’ve noticed have been minor annoyances rather than game breakers. I’d recommend it as a bargain bin purchase now. From what I’ve read on the fan sites, replaying as a Malkavanian (sp?) is even worth it for the different dialogue options. Of course, I prefer FPS/RPG hybrids to straight FPSes, so others’ mileage may vary.

Huh? If you can enter an IP address of a server to connect to, then there should be no logical difference between WAN and LAN games, because the game doesn’t, or shouldn’t, know the difference between packets staying on the LAN and packets that had to be routed.[/quote]

Yea, now all they need to do is add the IP address conenct box. All you can do is click on the non-existant servers in the LAN list. Even RoN gave you a box to type in an IP address, but I have yet to find in in Rome TW.

If you have any interest in the old Vampire RPG, then I’d also recommend Bloodlines.

As far as playing a Malkavian goes, I was a little disappointed by it since it didn’t seem like the different dialogue options mattered very much. In most cases they just replaced the standard sensible statement with a funny bit of lunacy, but the reaction was exactly the same. The NPC would just go along with it as if you weren’t completely nuts.

Apparantly, I haven’t tried it yet, you hear the TV news differently too and can ‘talk’ to the news anchor through the TV, but yeah, that’s just chrome. With the dialogue, it appears in most cases the NPC will say his/her piece whatever you say to them, although a couple of the major NPCS will react differently, but even so the story is pretty linear until the end. I liked the humour and the movie references, but unfortunately even with the patch the game still appears rushed, e.g. spelling howlers in the dialogue and the occasional levitating citizen.

I also had to refer to to the fan forums at one point because I though I was being thick, but found I was doing the right thing, but had encountered an occasional bug that required saving and reloading to fix.

Reading some of the wackier theories about who is really up to what and who’s double or triple crossing whom, on the Planet Vampire forum can be quite fun too :) .

Hear hear! Truly a worthy sequel to one of the three best games of all times. I just wish you could hail ships for news like you could in the original so I’d know whether to start attacking the Dutch instead of punding on the English.

Dawn of War may well be the best goddamn game I’ve played in like three years. Too bad it’s nearly impossible to find a multiplayer game that doesn’t involve 300+ ping across the Atlantic.

That only happens once: the newscaster tells you a joke about a tuna and a chef.

There are some nice touches to being a Malkavian: hearing voices, getting some clan-specific dialog (mostly of the “Malkavians are creepy…but I’ll talk to you anyway” variety), plus the ability to put a “mind-whammy” on some people in conversations to get them to do what you want. [Helpful for those whose social skills are a bit…err…stunted.] Plus the Malky-specific power set is just fun. :)

But as near as I can tell, the game basically plays out the same for the Malkavians as it does for the other clans. Your dialog just looks like something out of a bad “Delirium of the Endless” fanfic. :P

Yes, I finished my first time through as a male Troubador and started again as a female Malk and she kicks ass, when she’s not arguing with ‘Stop’ signs :) . I liked Jack’s first line in the tutorial ‘Oh no, you’re also a Malkavanian. You really are fucked’', but you’re right there are no real plot changes, not that I was really expecting any.

It does seem a good clan for a second time through, as some of the cryptic insights she gets in her dialogue choices make more sense if you already know the plot, the ‘Daughters of Janus’, for instance.