Need a DVD burner recommendation

I have no idea where to begin with finding a DVD burner, so I figured I’d just throw myself on the mercy of the hardware forum.

My only requirement is that it be reasonably fast. :)

Back in November I bought the NEC ND-3500A based on recommendations in this very forum. Got it from Newegg for a very good price (under a hundred as I remember). It has been great for me. Fairly easy to install. Burns quickly. Not a coaster to speak of (knock knock). Is a dual-layer burner for that future when such media becomes more readily available. I don’t know what the newer models in the line are, nor can I vouch for them, but mine’s been great.

Also have to recommend the Nero 6 Suite 3 suggested by Backov and John Many Jars in this thread. Thanks to JMJ I was able to get it for eight bucks and it works like a charm.

Hope all that helps.

“Hello. My name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me.”


I have a NEC DVD Burner 2510A since over a year. It runs flawlessly and speedy enough for me (8 X), but I only use it for Backups. No clue if its good or not for DVD video, but its a 0 defect device so far, after about 150 DVDs.

I bought a cheap-ass Pacific Digital/AccessTek a year or so back – think it’s 4x, does both +RW and -RW, etc etc etc. Great drive, or at least it would be, if anything it ever burned ever worked.

IE, don’t get too overly optimistic and figure the $40 one will be as good as the others :)

It is really dependant on what you want to use the DVD burner for, CD Freaks has extensive reviews.

Put me in the NEC camp. Bought a dual-layer capable burner a year ago, can’t recall the exact model though, for around $100 and it’s been great. I figure it should have dropped in price by now. 50+ DVD’s burned and not one dud so far.

NEC 35xx series is good stuff.

I recommend the Memorex True 8 or 16X. Sweeet.

NEC 3520A

Just checked, my burner is a NEC 3500AG. I can highly recommend it, and all that.

Thanks, guys. Looks like I’m going to go with the silver variation of the NEC 3520.


I’m looking for a good external DVD burner – mainly so I can split it between my desktop and a couple laptops as needed.

Any recommendations?