Need a new computer case.


So I’ve moved back to the states after a three year stint abroad. I loaded my computer in a duffle and surrounded it with some clothes and my daughters stuffed animals to protect it in transit. Lo and behold I’m waiting at the baggage carousel for my bags only to see a clear bag on the oversized carousel with what looks like my daughters giant stuffed unicorn. I check it out and discover this:

Now I’m going to talk to Turkish Airlines to see how they can compensate me, but the fact remains that I am in the market for a new case. This hodgepodge of metal was once an R4 which has been the best case I’ve owned. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on an R5 but I was wondering if that’s the way to go still or if there is some new hotness on the market. There was a lot of wasted space in the R4 for drives I don’t have and have no intention on using.

For the record everything else works. Just the case and the blu Ray drive that got fucked


I recently built a pc and am using the meshify.

I’ve been pleased with it so far.


That’s lucky – I would have assumed trashed motherboard here.


The R5 is like magic


It is indeed magic, although I had to take extra steps to get rid of minor HDD making a rattle (even with grommets). There’s also a new BeQuite! DarkBase 700 that came out a week or two ago, pricier though.


This thread is timely. My XPS 8100 is ancient and the only things I haven’t replaced since the original purchase are the case, motherboard, CPU and HDDs. Figure I can just pick up a good case (and probably a new mb/cpu) and swap everything over (and switch to the unused SSD I bought a few months back).

Currently looking at this:

But the BeQuite series looks really tempting. Some of those are available on Amazon. The R5 also. Hmm.


The Be Quiet cases seem interesting too. Seems like a toss up between them and the R5. Really for me silence and being around $100-120 are the deciding factors. I’m not an overclocker or anything.


Is it common for people to transport full size computers as plane baggage? Seems very risky to me.


I don’t know how common it is, but but checking a computer of any kind is definitely not something I would ever advise anyone to do. I say this as someone who, many years ago, lost a company laptop to a similar fate. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Well, there were reasons at the time, but, yeah. MattN got a pass on that because, I guess, we’ve all been there and made similar decisions. :) Shrug


It was a risk for sure, and I loaded the inside with clothes and bubble wrap to protect it from GForces and rattling, but I didn’t expect blunt force to utterly destroy the case.

You have to take risks when packing shit for travel to and from Nigeria where I was living because you just can’t find anything there. I figured if my Costco boxes of goldfish could survive the trip to Nigeria in a duffle my computer could survive the trip from Nigeria. I thought about gutting the case and wrapping the components in bubble wrap and putting them in my hard suitcase but I wanted to keep the R4.


That’s a super shitty deal, and I hope the airlines will make good. That’s not normal wear and tear from loading things, someone dropped something fucking heavy on your luggage there. That’s super fucked up.

As for cases, I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile now, I think it looks awesome and it’s getting fantastic reviews.


How dare you post that, this is a family site!

(drooling over the features of that case, it’s beautiful)