Need a new DVD drive

After a long two weeks my problem with my computer was solved today, issue with the thermal gel in my processor as well as my DVD drive was failing. The gel has been replaced but I’m now left with just a CD RW drive. Once again I need help from the hive mind as I seriously can’t remember when I got these drives. The usual questions, what is a good brand, what am I looking for in terms of specs and so on.

You are looking for a DVD-RW drive. If you can use SATA, go for that. Brands? Not really all that important. NEC, Lite-on, Sony, AOpen…they are dirt-cheap now. I saw $20 drives in stores here, in stock!

Yeah, at this point DVD burners are so cheap they’re practically disposable. Unless there’s a specific feature I want, I just buy whatever happens to be on sale at Newegg or wherever whenever I need one.

I usually go with Lite-on. On a side note, I wish PCs would move more toward slot-loading optical drives, though I guess doing away with the tray makes manual ejection mechanisms difficult in case of a drive/power problem.

I’ve had bad experiences with three Liteon DVD readers and burners. I also had problems with two Pioneer slot-in drives that became clicky and sticky.

Samsung all the way!

Another vote for samsung. I have about 5 of these drives, and they work great.

I found this drive on newegg: any thoughts on sony for dvd drives?

I didn’t see any Samsung drives when searching on Newegg, but I’ll check zipzoomfly next.

Check this thread-

Afterdawn is a crazy resource for burning. and have good info.

It’s probably fine, but you’re within $10 of a DVD burner.

My two NEC DVD-RW drives have lasted 4 and 5 years. Back when I bought them they were the best in comparison tests.

But they’re all pretty much the same, just get NEC or Sony.

I have a Samsung SH-202N (ATA) burner, and a SH-D162D (ATA) reader. I love both of them! Both have SATA variants, too. seems to be the popular one from that list.

Good. Buy it.

Pick up thermal paste if you need it, we can help you put it on correctly.

That specs page seems to be missing info. I see a LightScribe logo on the drive, but LightScribe is not mentioned in the specs. And what about dual layer burning capability?

how about this one then: