Need a shared/mobile calendar solution for Exchange 2007

I’ve got a client with a very specific request and I have no good ideas for how to replace what they are using with something cheaper. The product they are using is called Time Matters and it is very out-of-date. The TM people recommend upgrading to their newest version which will cost my customer around $1000. They don’t actually use many of the features in Time Matters but the one thing they absolutely rely on is a sort of shared calendar. This calendar is entirely within the Time Matters software/database but TM gives each user the option to ‘publish’ the calendar to that user’s Outlook Calendar. When it is published to their calendar (Outlook03-07/Exchange07) it becomes part of their account profile and then can be ‘synced’ to their iPhone (and other ActiveSync mobile devices) which is of utmost importance.

Exchange 2007 does not have real Public Calendar support any more; but even if they did it still doesn’t solve the problem of how to get the public calendar info published to their personal one. I suppose there are 3rd party conduits which will facilitate the syncing of other calendars to the iPhone w/o ActiveSync but what are some recommended ones.

I have considered created a dummy account to mimic having a public calendar and then give everyone in the office rights to it and have it show up in their Outlook configuration. The question remains; how do we either publish this calendar to selected users’ account calendars OR conduit/sync it to the mobile device?

Somewhere I read something about using a Google profile and Calendar and an applet to sync that with whatever calendar in Outlook and then it would be easy to add this Google profile and calendar to the iPhone w/o ActiveSync.

Any/all help and suggestions appreciated.

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