Need a turn-based game while (stationary) bike riding

Been riding on a stationary bike in the mornings before work to try to get in shape. Initially I watched movies while I was riding, but I started playing the XBLA version of MtG and had a blast. I completed 100% in MtG and I’m looking for another turn-based game (or something that doesn’t require constant input) that I can play while biking.

I have a Wii, PS3, and 360.

I own Lost Cities and Catan. I might start up Fire Emblem for the Wii again, but I was wondering if there were any other games that would fit the bill. What about the new “My Life as a Darklord” for the Wii?

Thanks hivemind!


Commander’s Attack on XBLA
There was a TBS game involving bugs on XBLA as well, but name escapes me.
Military Madness on Wii
Isn’t the FireEmblem series turn based?

Vakryia Chronicles? Speaking of which, I need to play that some more. I’ve only gotten through the first part of the tutorial and then something else sucked me in for a bit…

Military Madness. It’s alright. I enjoyed a couple missions but didn’t hold my interest.
I wanted to love Vakryia Chronicles but I ended up deeply frustrated by it. It’s a linear Japanese RPG dressed in strategy game clothing.

Fire Emblem is turn-based, I’m just in an uncomfortable state in that game. (Strange game design point.)

Need to try Commander’s Attack and the Bug game.

I do want to try that crazy PSP game (with the “Batman”-ish name), but I don’t think I can play handhelds on the bike.

Thanks for the help!


Band of Bugs on XBLA is pretty good. (That is the game JoshV is mentioning)

How about Culdcept as an extension of the collectible card fun you were having with M:TG?

What about Age of Booty?

I love Age of Booty (and completed 100% of it as well), but even it requires too much “twitch” for my bike riding.

How about freeing those hands to lift some weights, soldier!?


Diverging from the topic a bit, but is there any reason why you don’t focus more on your exercise and less on how to entertain yourself while you’re excercising? I’m not meaning to be an ass here, but you’ll get better results if you worked harder. And trust me, in doing so you won’t be bored and crave something to keep you occupied. Another perk that comes from high intensity exercise is that you’ll get the results in less time. On the other hand, there are negatives too – the whole hard work thing, for one. ;) And I would imagine you might be more prone to injury if you don’t know your limits and/or you get sloppy.

I found that to be true too. Once I stopped reading on the treadmill and started watching my heart rate and what I was doing to increase it, I did a lot better.

On the other hand, if you are using this instead of a daily walk or whatever so that you can put some exercise into your life, then a game is certainly the way to go.


Great. Now I want to play that game again, too. Too…many…games…

Instead of answering your question, I think I’ll just lecture you for a bit.

Don’t ride a fake bike. Instead, go for a swim against the current in your nearest river. That will give you lots of vital exercise and your mind won’t be starved for entertainment as you desperately swim to avoid being crushed against rocks as the strong currents try to drag you away.

Another idea would be to develop some kind of superpower. Have you ever seen how lean those comic book guys are? That’s because superpowers use insane amounts of calories! Imagine the energy required just to walk, now imagine how much must be required to fly at supersonic speeds! Or to shoot lasers from your eyes! Seriously, why ride a bike when you can turn into a creature of living flame and battle against Robotoid marauders on the desolate arescape of Mars?

No, but seriously, wonderpug’s got it Culdcept Saga is pretty much made for this.

Even with monitoring my heart rate on both walks outdoors and on the treadmill / elliptical, I get incredibly bored while exercising. I think he’s got the right idea.


Ahem. Sorry. Don’t mind me.


This is the best recommendation!

I think CivRev is a fantastic game that everyone should buy on every platform, but it may not be the best choice for me. I worked on it for over a year and a half and played it a great deal during development; I’m ready to play something else for a while.

(And ignore Jon, he’s being an idiot.)


Doh, I forgot about that :)

Count me in as another vote for Culdcept Saga, then.

You make a good point and I’ve noticed it when I exercise - when I focus on exercising I get a much better workout than when I don’t. What I struggle with is motivation; why stay on this bike for an hour? If I have a chance to play games without feeling guilty about not doing something else, then it’s a bit of a win/win.

I think that varying my exercises is probably the best thing I can do for my health. I got the bike during the fall/winter last year so I could exercise when the weather outside was poor, but I should run outside on warm days before hopping on the bike every day again.


I find that listening to face-paced music helps counter out the slowdown I get from reading while exercising.