Need for Speed: Most Wanted

So another year, another NFS!

But this is looking like is going to be one of the “good ones”, so I thought it would merit a thread.

Let’s remember this one is developed by Criterion, creators of the Burnouts and NFS: Hot Pursuit, which I liked a lot.

Some of the latest videos

Varied multiplayer
Some gameplay
And another
Last one

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I hope it really looks like this

Ohhhhh, color me intrigued. I’m becoming a Criterion fanboy of sorts.

This one looks a lot like burnout paradise. I loved that game until the credits rolled, which was pretty soon, it was less than half the game, and then I hated the second half of that game, the mopping up phase, trying to do an ever dwindling number of events on the map. So by the end I just didn’t walk away with a favorable impression. I envy those that just walked away from the game after the credits with happy memories. I wish I’d done that.

On the other hand, I just can’t stand Criterion’s last game. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was the most boring racing game experience I’ve ever had, and I play a lot of racing games. I just don’t think I’m ready to forgive Criterion for that just yet. The wound is still too raw.

I can’t quite put my finger on why it was so boring but the two Shift’s and The Run were much more enjoyable games for me, the latter being a great throwback to the original Test Drive games on C64/Amiga. I will have wait and see some reviews/gameplay before I pull the trigger on Most Wanted.

Yeah, I haven’t formed a firm opinion on it yet but I’m enjoying The Run so far. It reminds me a lot of Cruisin’ USA from the arcades. I’m driven forward because I love driving around in this country, and I’m very curious about how much of the joy of driving across this country they’ve actually captured in the game.

First review: Edge 9/10
(they also gave 9s to Dishonored and Xcom, btw. Torchlight a 8, FTL a 7)

A good live action ad

Also liked Run a LOT more than Hot Pursuit. Its tracks were much more interesting and varied, cars handled better and the frostbite2 powered graphics looked delicious on the PC. Run was more enjoyable for me than anything from Criterion I played to date.
But maybe Most Wanted will be good, I hope so.

Have you played Burnout Revenge Paul? I definitely think that is Criterion’s masterpiece.


I haven’t and I won’t, since I got rid of ps2 and ps3 I have is not backwards compatible as far as I know. I did hear good things about it though.

I always enjoy watching these games more than I do playing them.

Perhaps because I am a horrible driver in game.

You can get it pretty cheap on XBLA for digital download, they ported it to 360 very early in the current generation. Only issue is that EA closed the servers so there is no online play, but the campaign races are still great and will last a good while.

Looking real forward to this. I adored Paradise, but will agree that completion got pretty dull and repetitive after the “main campaign” ended. Especially going through all of the individual street trials and whatnot. Though I loved the billboard hunts and the online co-op challenges. With a good group that is dedicated to achievement hunting and completion, it is a fascinating experience.

I told myself to choose either this or Forza, but I am going to have to settle on both. They are wholly unique games and both will hopefully live up to the hype individually.

Also surprised at the positive feedback from the Run. Wrote off that game when all the reviews hit. I really liked the concept for the game, but the short campaign was a turn-off. Might give it a second look for cheap if people keep praising it.

OMG dude, the loss is yours, this game is incredible.

It’s better on the 360 anyway, so when you a get a cheap 360 eventually, just keep it in mind. It’s worth it.

Getting both eh? I’m definitely going to get Horizon, but I’ll wait to hear your impressions on this one.

As for the Run, yeah I’m kind of tickled by it so far. And it is much longer than I’d thought. I’ll keep you apprised as I progress through it.

Launch Trailer

Just got Forza Horizon but this is gonna be a pick up at some point as well if it reviews as well as it looks.

Just picked this up at lunch and got about an hour in with it. LOVE IT so far.

I never played the original, so I don’t know what’s changed but this one has a Burnout Paradise feel to it with the takedown aspect toned down, and the racing aspect made front and center. Visuals are fantastic, sound is great, soundtrack is meh.

Plenty of challenges/races/autolog integration to give this one really long legs.

I loved the old Most Wanted, and in general love any kind of open-world game (like Midnight Club Los Angeles) where you’ve got racing+cop chases, so this is most definitely (NB: that is the correct spelling of that word!) on my radar.