Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Every time the reviewer on Eurogamer praised NFS Hot Pursuit and compared this game unfavorably to it, it caused a cognitive dissonance that I just couldn’t take anymore. About the third time he mentioned something he loved about Criterion’s Hot Pursuit, I had to stop reading. When my views on the point of reference he keeps going back to are so diametrically opposed to his, that review is just not useful to me in any way. It’s not as if I can imply an inverse relationship either, because it doesn’t work that way.

The PC port of this game is AWFUL, stay far away.

I’m getting 20-40 fps on my 660ti. People with better cards from both manufacturers are getting the same. Something is very wrong with this game.

I agree, performance is not good. 24fps average without AA, ambient occlusion, or motion blur. And the graphics are nice, but basically like the racing games from the last four years.

I’m playing on 360 and early on am really enjoying it. Feel free to add me if you want more people on the Speedwall.

Well, so much for my reservations wrt Most Wanted. 30 minutes of gameplay at a friends house convinced me this is a good game and potentially one of the more enjoyable driving games of this generation. It appears to be the sandbox of TDU paired with a driving model that felt weightier and much more exhilarating than Hot Pursuit. I think I’m smitten, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

I’m freakin’ loving this game to pieces. One of my favorite racing games in a long while. The online integration and scoreboards are a really nice and effective touch - especially if you’re as obsessive as I am. This from a man who loathed Hot Pursuit, by the way.

One question though: is it possible to upload a photo of yourself to the billboards? I recall reading about that somewhere…

I’m playing on the PS3 as “frostux”. Add me! :)

I think I’ll stay with the iOS version from Firemint/EA then. It really really performs well on the iPhone 5.

This would be an absolutely fantastic game if it didn’t have the police/wanted level mechanic getting in the way all the time.

That’s exactly how I felt about the last Most Wanted.

Am I the only one who bemoans the lack of split screen or party play (Like Criterion did in their last Paradise Burnout game)? It was the perfect family game, but perhaps that isn’t something people do together anymore?

I think it’s just a technical constraint. Split screen affects the framerate. And you know how they have to increase the graphic fidelity with each game…

As it is, it’s still pretty good, and it’s the closest thing to Burnout we’re going to get for a while, so I’m happy I picked it up. I’ve only done some single player, but the execution of the async stuff through Autolog does the trick.

I can see that MP would be really good - I always enjoy blasting past a traffic camera to see that I beat Xaroc or Tom’s speed. The feedback is immediate and has a good hook.

But on the first Most Wanted car I’m just frustrated because (a) rubber banding AI, and (2) the damn cops get in my way all the time. I wish it were more like the rogue cars in Paradise where to win them you just needed to issue a takedown. If I get in a Most Wanted race and I score a takedown, it should be over.

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By the way, the actual multiplayer multiplayer is really really good. It reminds me a bit of Driver’s multiplayer.


We need to organize a multiplayer session or two. It looks promising but I’ve only farted with it two player.

I played some yesterday, and loved it too. The format is absolutely fantastic for this sort of game. I even love that little meta game where you have to race to the starting point for each challenge, and how each challenge is seemingly stitched together from a couple of random variables.

I know some people are having problems with this on PC, but I got it from Origin and am loving it! Do wish they could release a demo though so that it can be tested on your system.

Played a bunch of multiplayer last night with 3 folks and we determined it’d probably be more fun if we had more. Anyone up for a NFS night sometime next week? What’s the player limit?

I would be up for it.

You must have a system from the future, because even using highest-end computer and graphics card you can possibly acquire, the game still stutters and dips all over the place.

Maybe that just doesn’t bother you?