Need for Speed Payback - 2017, Ghost Games, EA

Guess I could start a new thread but not sure a NFS game deserves it anymore.

Need for Speed: Heat coming in November.

Cheering…golf clap…or crickets?

Need for Speed in Miami I guess. Cops, night races, day races. Looks boring. Hopefully I’m wrong.

You forgot the most important thing: RULES!

Grand Theft Auto the racing game?

“If you catch fire, run. You’ll burn faster.”

That’s terrible advice.


Oh for-fucks-sake. How about a modern remake of NFS Porsche Unleashed ?? That’s something I’d actually enjoy.


I think their long-standing Porsche license that was valid since that game just recently ended last year or something.

Edit: It ended in 2017, and that was the exclusive license they had since Porsche Unleashed that ended. They’ll still feature Porsche in future games they say, just not exclusively. So yeah, I’d love it if they made a Porsche Unleashed remake.

I wish they’d make strips of great road like they did in the original game and just let us drive that both off and online against others. No cops. No silliness. Traffic? Ok. Do it against the clock too.