Need freelance writer for short gig

[Edit - I’ve taken care of this - I no longer need a writer - thanks anyways…]

I need someone to help me edit/retouch/rewrite some text for a game I’m working on. There’s not a lot to be done - about 70 short blurbs that collectively add up to about 1000 words. There is text in place for all of this, but much of it is a little dry and I’m looking for somebody to punch it up. Specifically, the game has a theme of ‘updated fairy tales/children’s classics’, and I want somebody who can very succinctly re-tell classics like “The Frog Prince”, etc in a way that is colorful but not ultra-modern and is suitable for all ages.

The catch is that there’s a short deadline on this - I’d like the text back by Thursday, if possible. I think it’s probably about a day’s work, give or take.

Let me know if you’re interested and available to jump on this immediately, plus your hourly rate and a link to stuff you’ve written. Click on the ‘pm’ button below this post and send me a private message.


Am I crazy or aren’t you somewhat of a freelancer yourself?

Dammit I was gonna post a link to your inside the sausage factory articles but the links from the pop top site are broken. Did CGM delete these?

I did write the Inside the Sausage Factory column for 3.5 years. CGM’s links are long since broken, but I’ve got the columns archived on my own site (Steve gave me permission a long time ago), and with this perfect plug opportunity :) here’s the link

That said, it takes time to write well, and I was busy and didn’t want to invest the time in writing this stuff myself.