Need Gamespy Arcade help!

I don’t understand. I used to find this an incredibly useful tool. My copy is even registered! But now it is next to worthless, it almost never works right. My wife and I keep trying to play natural selection together, and GSA DOES NOT detect the game on her CD. NS works off of either a half life or counter-strike retail install, and she has the latter. However, anytime she goes to the half life or CS room in the GSA client, it prompts her to buy the game and download the patches. Nothing we can do can actually coax or coerce gamespy arcade into working as a server browser.

Anyone hint, gamespy people have any idea how I can get this thing to work right?

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I believe the fix is called “download The-All-Seeing Eye”. :)

Lokust, I’ll steer some GameSpy Arcade support people your way. :)

Thanks sluggo, though I basically found a work around. You may want to pass this along to your GSA software guys. If GSA detects a half-life install, it gives access to the half-life room which lists all the various half-life mods (NS, DOD, firearms, etc). If GSA detects a counter-strike retail install, it only gives access to the counter-strike, team fortress, etc. mods that come with that retail package. Many mods, including Natural Selection, which we were trying to play, work fine with either a CS retail or a Half-Life install. I would like to suggest altering the GSA counter-strike room to give access to those various mod rooms as well.

Our workaround was to use my half-life CD to install and use the cd key that she had with her CS retail. After that, GSA granted access to the half-life room and all of the various mod sub-rooms inside it. What the GSA client is effectively doing is denying access to most mods to people who bought the CS retail package. Those people are undoubtedly checking out your competition instead of looking at registering GSA, since GSA does not work properly for them.

Glad you got it working Lokust. I’ll pass along your information to the team.

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That was my fix too. :wink:

you might want to check out Kali 2. Its not a replacement for ASE or GSI (not yet anyway) but boy does it scare up the server lists fast…

It still supports a lot of older titles still which is a plus (curious that Mechwarrior 2 and mercenaries isnt listed as that was pretty much the game that made Kali)

Wasn’t Kali a service that allowed games that were playable over local networks to be played over the internet? I seem to recall this in the context of Warcraft 2…

Yeah, it emulated IPX (a pre-TCP/IP PC LAN protocol) over the Internet.

I thought it was WarCraft 2 that pushed Kali over the top?

I thought it was WarCraft 2 that pushed Kali over the top?[/quote]
No way.


No way.

Ah, that’s right. I stand corrected.

Hum, I think TCP-IP predates IPX… only not on the PC