Need help from any Pharmacy/Doc types here!

My Dilaudid tablets keep changing and it’s actually starting to scare me a bit. They’ve gone from white to yellow, to white, to pink, and the latest is moldy blue-green.

If I’m getting the same prescription (Dilaudid name-brand and sometimes the Hydromorphone generic) - why would it keep changing density, size and color? I was always told to be wary of getting thr right prescription… but how can I do this when it changes every few months? The Hydropmorphone is always a very tiny white tablet that falls apart super easy and is less dense than air it seems - but it has always been white. But the name brand stuff keeps changing.

Thanks for the help.

More common side effects may include:
Anxiety, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, fear, impairment of mental and physical performance, inability to urinate, mental clouding, mood changes, nausea, restlessness, sedation, sluggishness, troubled and slowed breathing, vomiting

Hmm with the side effects above are you sure you don’t just think the pills are changing?

Actualy seriously, before you take the medication I’d have it checked out by a second pharmacy or call your doctor. Don’t trust some dude on a message board who says they are a medical type.

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  2. Dilaudid is manufactured by Abbott.

The 2mg dose is round and light orange. It has a “K” on one side and a “2” on the other.
The 4mg dose is round and yellow. It has a “K” on one side and a “4” on the other.
The 8mg dose is triangular and white. It has two embossed triangles on one side, and an “8” on the other.

Generic pills can come in any form, but if it’s Dilaudid brand, it MUST look like one of the above. If not, call your doctor/pharmacist/police immediately, because someone is substituting your pills with something else. The DEA will be very interested.

Pick up phone. Call.

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You should taste your own pee to make sure the dosage is correct. If your pee tastes noticeably sweet, you need to get to the doctor immediately.

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I was hoping Bill D. might stop in. These pills are moldy blue-green with a “2” on one side, and an “E” on the other. It’s supposed to be 2mg dosing. The pharmacy I got them from are generally idiots (we’re in the process of switching from them) and say “it’s” fine. But I’m not sure I believe them. If they gave me the wrong prescription are you supposed to report it somewhere? To the FDA or something?

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That is not Dilaudid. It’s probably a generic, but you have no way of knowing other than trusting the pharmacist. Talk to your doc.

Do you have any of your previous prescription left over that you can take until you can talk to him/her in the morning?

With a $50 street value per pill? Even if you’re only getting a script of 10, that’s a lot of cash. With that much cash on the line, you can’t just roll with the lame pharmacy excuse. Dude, call another pharmacy or your doctor.

Also, why do you take such powerful medication? Dilaudid is very much like morphine. Do all the funny little color pills feel the same as the little yellow ones with the four on them. I think they also come in a white pill with a #1 on the side, but I have never actually seen one.

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Your picture is kind of blurry, do these look like your pills? If so, you’re getting the right thing, but the fuckheads at your pharmacy should tell you if they’ve given you a substitution. I’m trying to see if hydromorphones are allowed to be substituted without physician approval and it looks like it. For your own piece of mind you might want to get your doctor to write a new prescription specifying that there should be no substitution. We thyroid cancer patients are currently lobbying to make it so they can’t do substitutions for our levothyroxine because each maker uses a slightly different filler and these fillers can drastically change how well we absorb the hormone.

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