Need help getting a Windows 2000 PC to connect to a home network

A new person moved into the house where I live and is (for some reason) still running Windows 2000 on his PC. He has a Win2k compatible network adaptor but is having issues getting it up and running and seeing the wireless network.

Any ideas? I found some instructions online but that didn’t seem to do the trick. I did verify that the router is Win2k compatible.

If you’re using WPA2 on the router, bumping it down to WPA might work. Some vendors added in their own WPA support to Win2K, but they might not have continued on through WPA2.

The router says its on “WPA/WPA2 - Personal” security mode. This is after a reset of the router where all I’ve done is changed the password. Note that my computer is not wirelessly connected to the router.

Just to update this, it turns out that while the adapter purchased by my new roommate says its Win2k compatible, it does not come with the software needed to set it up on a Win2k computer. So that was the issue.