Need help with NVidia problem

I’ve been having a problem with running games, movies, etc in XP ever since I built my system about 16 months ago. I “solved” the problem by dual booting. The problem doesn’t occur in Win98 so I just used Win98 for games, movie trailers, etc. and XP for everything else.

Finally, the latest version of NVidia drivers solved the problem and I can do games, etc. in XP. Now, however, whenever I boot I get an error message about a missing module for NvQTwk. About all I’ve been able to discover is that this is part of a automatic startup item called Rundll32.exe.

Does anyone know what the heck this thing is? Can I disable it somehow or do I need it?


That’s Nvidia’s Quick Tweak panel not working.

Set the video to standard vga, reboot, remove the drivers, and then install the latest ones.

Did that. I’m using the latest from NVidia’s site (40.09 or something like that). Still getting the message.

I’m hesitant to uninstall any drivers again now that it’s working after 16 months of not working.


RE: NvQTwk

I had this exact same error message in Windows 98SE some four months ago. I tried reinstalling drivers, different drivers, etc.

In the end it just wouldn’t go away so I just reformatted and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 98. Very annoying.

Use Regedit, search for NvQTwk, and remove it from all Run keys. That’ll make sure it doesn’t show up.

Guru3D has a few tools for removing files left by old nVidia drivers. Maybe they could help?

Editting the registry seems to have worked, with no ill effects.

Thanks to everone for the help.