Need Oblivion help (non-spoiler)

Three of my stats (Strength, Speed, Endurance) are in red when I check on them. Is there a way in there to find out what is causing that, or do I just have to try potions/spells hit and miss until I find what cures it?

You might have a disease. The last page of the magic section of the menu will tell you what magic effects/diseases are on you.

If it’s a disease and you have positive fame/infamy, a trip to one of the temples (activate the shrine) should fix things.

  • Alan

Another option is a damaged attribute, which I believe may be fixed by either resting, a temple, or in a worst case scenario you may need to purchase a restore [attribute] potion.

All the above suggestions are good ones. For some of them, whatever is wrong will be shown in the last screen on your spells page, if you page over to the last tab, that shows spell effects/effects in general on your person, so if something is listed there, like a disease, then it will show in that screen what the disease is, and what stats is affecting.

You should learn “Cure Disease (Self)” one way or another, or take up alchemy.

This definitely.