Need owners for a Fantasy Football League

I used to run a FFL for 3 years in the late 90’s and would like to run one using the internet and my website now. It got too hard getting reports and rosters to and from people when I changed jobs a few years back.

This would be a pay to play league with weekly prize money and prize money at the end of the season for the top 4 teams. 100% payback of entry fees in all, I don’t keep anything for myself.

I need 12 teams including myself.

For a list of rules, the scoring system, draft day cheat sheet using this leagues scoring system, and examples of the weekly reports you can expect, go to my (very sorry looking) website at

Email me at [email protected] or post here if you are interested.

Could I get some input from some people as to why the lack of interest in this.

Is it the money? Too late in the year? Don’t like Fantasy Football or never tried it? Don’t trust things run from the internet? Hate football.

I posted this call for owners on 3 forums I frequent and have had 1 email and one reply.

Ok, if I can’t get people to join mine are there any other leagues that aren’t run by a TV channel or magazine that need another owner? Let me know if you need an owner for your league.

Rich, try posting on the nfl team forums, such as titansonline or Many people in those forums don’t like using the main leagues either. I joined a keeper league as a request through titansonline, and it filled pretty quickly.

I have played for many years with both dwindling time available and inclination to follow the stats. This past year we had an auction draft. I did no research, made little to no adjustment throughout the entire year, and still won. Granted the other 7 guys were not hardcore, but that pretty much did it for me. It is just not as interesting as it used to be. It is most likely the result of having a job, kid, and mortgage. Maybe if there were no videogames in the world I would take you up on your offer. :)