Need PC troubleshooting

after a hard drive failure. I’ve had to begin reconstruction of my pc.

I had 2 drives raided together and I’m debating whether it’s worth doing it again. I currently I’m just trying to setup my pc but I can’t get windows to recognize the 2nd hard drive or the remaining portion of the other drive (I created a partition on one drive for just windows). I also can’t get windows to recognize my sata dvdrom. I put this thing together before with no problems. Now I feel like an idiot. What the am I doing wrong?

  1. You posted this in the wrong forum. :-)

  2. You set up what sounds like a RAID 0 or a JBOD using two hard drives, which means any single hard drive failure makes both hard drives completely useless and the data that they carried lost forever.

  3. It also sounds as if you’re installing an older version of Windows XP that doesn’t include SATA drivers. You have to install the SATA drivers some other way, probably from a floppy disk. See:

Give us better information about your situation and we can give you better solutions.

Profesional data recovery services can do data recovery even on RAID 0 partitions. I think most data recovery software can handle JBOD recoveries since they look for raw files.

You gotta figure out what the data is worth to you. Worst case scenario, keep the hard drives around in the event you can eventually afford to have the data rezzed.

I wasn’t very clear. I have 2 new hard drives my raptors were replaced by WD. I’m not trying to get back the information. I feel that’s a lost cause. I haven’t set up a raid this time. I am trying to figure out why my 40 gig partition on one drive is all that’s being found as far as the computer is concerned I only have a 40 gig HD.

If you only created the one partition the rest of the space needs a partition created for it. Until you do that no OS will see it. You can do this in the disk management utility in XP or Vista. And double check to make sure you have drivers installed for all SATA controllers (your chipset ports might be natively supported, but the RAID controller may need drivers). Check device manager for any problems.