Need some desk suggestions

Need some advice as to what to do with my desk and the stuff on my desk. Here is my desk:

Is there a way I can make more efficient use of that space? Just fielding ideas. I sort of like to get my Mac up on the desk as well (recently got a G4 power mac and have been using that quite a bit). In the picture its a G3 but they are about the same size. I’m even thinking about replacing the desk if I can get one that fits in the same similar space but has more functionality.

I highly suggest a new desk. Can you get something a bit bigger or is that the max?

I’d look at clearing some clutter that can be stored in draws elsewhere, and then embark on a program of small form-factoring stuff out: get an lcd monitor with built-in speakers, sell your macs and put the cash toward a mac mini, and so on.

Thats already and LCD isnt it?

Take everything that’s on top and put it in a box.
Take the printer and the 2 speakers and put them on top (assuming the printer fits)

Get some shelving units; put the knick-knacks from the box onto the shelves. What’s in that plastic bin under the desk? Does it need to be there?

I can’t tell what’s on the left side of the desk–is that your pile or someone else’s? In fact–looking at that pile makes me think you don’t have a desk problem; you have a room problem.

As mentioned before, get a Mac Mini. Put the PC on the floor with the Mini on top of that. Get a USB/KVM switch and hook the two of them into that.

Truthfully, it might be time to think about what’s in that pile you can live without seeing every day and find someplace else to out it.

Hey Rob, what’s your wall width, there? 5 feet? I recently bought this desk from iFurn. You gots room for 2 monitors (just move the printer up higher) if you want and two towers if need be (just yank out the shelf next to the tower shelf). Plus, you’ll be off-center and further away from your wall. iFurn also has this one, which is only 4 foot wide and allows for more customization (and it’s about a hundy cheaper). I searched long and hard for a reasonably-priced desk that was 5 foot wide and had more than one hutch shelf, and that one was about it.

If you do order from iFurn, email/call them and tell them to double-package your desk, I had to return my first one because it showed up all brokeded. And the fucking Yellow delivery cocksmoker tried to shake me down for 90 bucks, claiming that unless I paid the fee to use the automatic lift gate, I had to climb into his truck and drag it out myself (iFurn’s receipt states the delivery service is resonsible for getting it to your doorstep).

Throw it away.
Speaking from experience, get a garbage bag and throw all your crap into it. Then drop it off at the salvation army or goodwill, or whatever. If you haven’t used it in the past 12 months, you may as well throw or give it away. Okay, fine, keep a couple things that have a great deal of sentimental value. But for the most part, you can throw away a LOT of things without any long-term emotional damage.

Trust me.


I mean it.

Move it to the side.
That stack of plastic bins by your feet looks very uncomfortable. Move that stack of junk to the side. Looks like it would fit where your g3 is. You can put your g3 on top of it if you just want to get it off the ground.

What Roger said. What’s in them bins, Legos? Cables? The fuck? I have like 3 of those full of CAT-5 and UPS and other shit, but they’re on the other side of my office. Like, do you ever get into situations where you’re OMG NEED COMPONENT TO S VIDEO ADAPTER STAT?

Anyway: move the pictures. Buy a long, tall skinny media rack and move a bunch of that shit onto it. Or, find some sort of smaller shelf thing (that’s black or paintable) and put it on the top shelf and get more shelving. Put your speakers behind your monitor, if you can. What’s behind you? You might want a corner or L desk (just don’t get one where the tower sits in the corner below the monitor - it’s Hell to access the rear of the tower), or them other desks I linked.