Need some help - can't find proper "close-up" camera lens attachment

I have the Canon PowerShot SX10IS and love the camera, but I’ve found a limitation in that I can’t images as close up as I’d like (ie. a bug).

I know my camera can take lens attachments since it has the ability to screw something in, but after going through Canon’s site I found nothing that would work with their compatibility guide.

So I’m wondering if this is something like this would work?

Mine is a 5.0mm - 100.0mm lens. Thanks for the help.

I also need a new lens cap. The one I have fits “inside” the lens and I’m afraid I’m going to muff my lens by having to put that thing in there. Any suggestions on that too?


Are you are using the macro function?

Yeah, that camera should have a macro mode. Looks like it does a pretty good job, too.

Canon officially discourages filters for your camera. Apparently the threads are nonstandard.

On the other hand, you have at two macro modes to choose from, one of which allows extremely close focusing with <10 cm focal distance. Note that your camera needs to be in wide-angle mode (“zoomed-out”) to use the super-macro.

Here you go: Lensmate.

I’ve heard good things about the Raynox macro lenses.

Awesome, thanks Donald.
Also… it appears I need to spend some time reading the manual. I was using macro mode but it refuses to focus. I’ve been concerned ever since I got the camera 6 months ago that it might have had internal damage since it got shipped here from Amazon with no packing material (the canon box flopped around inside a larger box). This was the 3rd exchange I’d done for this purpose and I gave up trying to get a nicely packed camera.

Did you try SUPER!!! MACRO MODE?

On my old Powershot S5 IS, super macro mode brought the minimum focus distance down to really, really close to the lens front element.

One of those magnification lens adapters attached to a lensmate will help a bit in that they’ll pull you in a bit to make it appear as if you were closer when you took the picture, but they aren’t nearly as good as a real macro lens with shortened minimal focus distance or a regular lens with extention tubes (which aren’t really an option for you on a fixed lens camera).