Need suggestions for a 32 inch gaming monitor

Looking for suggestions for a 32 inch gaming monitor. 4k sounds great, but not as important as much as free/g sync for old arcade games. Still need it to modern gaming. LG seems to have some good ones but just curious if there are any recommendations LG or otherwise.

Can’t be more than 32 inches.
Can’t be curved

What is your GPU?

No graphics card yet as I’m waiting on the new models.

I’d recommend sticking with a 1440p monitor, as that 4k will really push up the gfx requirements to a 2080 at least, if not a 3080. As with all things, it boils down to budget.

IPS have great colours, but are a bit slow… I’ve got a Philips BDM3270QP, which is fine, but I kinda regret that purchase. Colours are a bit dull (AMVA panel) & it could be brighter (it’s 300 cd/m^2).

What’s your budget/expectations?

Well the newest lg 27 inch lg is 800 dollars. I’m hoping I can find something good 32 inch for around $400.

Are you fixated on full G-Sync with its price premium like I am or is G-Sync compatible/FreeSync Good Enough?

32 is big and you’ll see the banding easily so VA panel is the most common.

Not necessarily and this is where my lack of knowledge is hurting me, but from what I’ve read when running old software you run into problems with either, tearing or scrolling that is stuttering, animation that are too fast and don’t sync up with audio. This guy discusses it here.

Do I have to be a member to view the discussion? I don’t see anything just the channel overview on mobile.

fixed the link. Thank you for taking the time to try and answer this for me.

I’ve run all the emulators and play all the old games with my infamous hoarding and OCD here as well as having a G-Sync setup so I’m interested.

Well then I’ll make sure to show you this project when I’m finished.

I was looking at a 1080p 32” lg with gsync for a mame cabinwt project last year.

I have used the LG 32GK650F for the past year ad I’m happy with it. Its a VA 144Hz 1440p Freesync (GSync compatible) monitor.

PC part picker ref:

Video review by Hardware Unboxed:

Its not the latest model and its not IPS, but for a 1440p 144Hz monitor it is reasonably priced. It offers one display port and 2 HDMI ports. The pixel density is approx the same as a 1080p 24" monitor, so you can see individual pixels if you look carefully.

Its pretty great for gaming (Destiny 2, AC: Odyssey, Halo series and so on). If you are video or photo editing you might prefer a (more expensive) IPS. My baby boomer eyes give me headaches if I overdo things - for example Warthunder I can stand in only short stretches.

just plugged my 2nd 27" 2560x1440 gsync back in after 2 years, will compare with my 32" 1080P LCD TV.

Rei and Simonout,
Thank you both. This was the monitor I was looking at think we’ll go with it.

Yes, please do report back on how the 32GK650F is.

Costco has a pretty good ACER 31.5" 2k for $229.

Is there a solid reason for not going curved? Otherwise the most amazing monitor I’ve ever owned is out of the running, and it’s been brilliant:

Asus XG32V

I thought I wouldn’t like a curved monitor, but it helps a lot with gaming as your eyes don’t have those extreme corners to deal with.

While I might like a curved screen for a desktop, for an arcade machine flat screen is going to be a better option.