Need support from Google? Just buy a full page newspaper ad

I reckon there is a non-trivial chance Google is gonna say “fuck off we are a company with multi-billion dollars turnover and your business is just a tiny drop in a bucket. So you are getting tech support like the rest of the peons, no special treatment for you. And we will haul Surabhi over the coal because obviously she failed in her job in being actual tech support.” 😂🤔

I remember an HR person telling me that she once received a resume in a shoe.

The cover letter stated - just trying to get my foot in the door.

Never know what might work!

This is hilarious, but I have to say that Google Ads have way better human support than they did ten years ago. We spend less than half of that and have no problem getting technical people on the phone to look at problems, and getting people with (or at least pretending to have) shiny titles to talk to our people and clients with shiny titles.

San Jose Mercury News can’t have been cheap in Silicon Valley.