Need tech help with War and Peace: 1796-1815

This is probably a lost cause, but here goes. I’m trying to play “War and Peace: 1796-1815,” a Napoleonic, Total War-style game from a few years ago. I’ve installed it successfully, but it won’t run. It gets to the checking disc part and quits out (yes, I have the disc in the drive). Starforce v.3 is raising its ugly head, apparently. I can’t find any cracks for the game, nor does there seem to be any support available (Microids, the developer and publisher, was bought by Ubisoft, who doesn’t acknowledge the game’s existence on any site I can find).

So my question obviously is: does anyone know how I can get this damned thing to run? I really want to play it, as I’m on a bit of a Napoleonic jag right now. I’m thinking the game doesn’t recognize my DVD drive or something, as it was published in 2002.

Any help would be etc.

P.S. I’m running XP Media on an AMD 64 Dual Core machine, if that makes any difference.