Need to build a simple laptop card game

There are also printing websites sites with included online layout software that will print cards for you. I found a good one a long time ago on the bgg forums and used it to print a deck of cards and they turned out really nice.

I’ll check those out, though my preference is something I can print at home, as I’m sure we will need to modify the cards fairly frequently (create new ones and remove old ones that “don’t work”.)

Yeah that makes sense when you’re still in the prototyping phase. It really takes a bit of time to get the cards printed and sent to you.

Late to the party but maybe this will help for lurkers. Havent used it myself.

Thanks to everyone for helping open my mind up on how to do this. I’ve purchased items for a couple of approaches. One is a simple Avery set of clean cut business card sheets, with the idea of printing the card activities on one side then printing on the other side which of 4 levels the activity is. The only real option I see for printing is the basic Avery template but I suppose that’s good enough. I may laminate the cards if it’s not too much of a pain in the rump.

I also purchased a couple of sets of glossy blank playing cards. Someone online said a certain Avery “name tag” label fits perfectly on them so the idea would be print the actions on the labels then stick them on the cards.