Need to contact an admin / moderator but can't PM - urgent


I need to contact a moderator about personal information about me in the forums, but I can’t PM because I just created this account. (I only created the account in order to try to reach an administrator or moderator.) I got an email bounceback from Tom’s email address – tomchick(at) doesn’t work. Can an administrator or moderator please reply with an email address to which I can send my request. It’s rather urgent.

Thank you.

Pinging @tomchick might help?

I flagged the post for moderator attention. :)

Thanks. Moderators, if you can please make my account Level 1 or provide a functioning email address so that I can PM you what I unsuccessfully emailed Tom, I would appreciate that. I’d describe it in more detail here, but that would defeat the point…thank you.

Sorry for the defunct email, BB. At some point, our emails all died. But I’ve PMed you and you should be able to reach me. You can also contact me on Gmail as tomwchick (make sure to get the middle initial in there).

Thanks, I’ve PM’d you.

Tom is the best at reading PM’s.

Cloudflare email relay is an easy and free way to get those old email addresses forwarding to real email addresses again. I believe you’re already set up with it for the domain. @stusser

Sounds exciting! I feel the only outcome of a post like this can be an action sequence intercut with a nerd wearing glasses in front of a green computer screen.