Need Video Card Help

Turned on my computer this morning and my Radeon 9800 had fried (the fan fell off). So obviously I’m considering replacement options. I’d like to pay at most $200, and I have an AGP system (I’d really hoped to wait to build a new system to upgrade, but I don’t have the money to start from scratch right now, so upgrade it is.)

I’m looking at the 6600 line of course, but I don’t know what the competitive ATI line is, nor which are supposed to be better. Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, I’ve been doing alot of investigation over the last few days since I’m planning on buying a new system.

The 6600GT offers the best bang for the buck for under $200. The Radeon X800 128mb is one of the ATI competitors to this card. In most tests I’ve seen, the 6600GT runs faster, but by less than 10%

A good 6600GT article:

I’ve been looking at the 6600GT. The other one that’s caught my eye is the Radeon X700Pro, which is around the same price and from the one review I could find seemed to outperform the 6600 at least, not sure about the GT though.

The x700 Pro is outclassed by the 6600GT with relative ease. It does, however, perform better than the standard 6600.