Need Wedding Help Fast


I am getting married in 10 days (Jul 9).

I am supposed to get my wife a wedding present…

she wants something sentimental and something material that she can hold that will always remind her of our wedding day…

earrings and a necklace ain’t going to do it… she already has enough of those…

any ideas?

what did you guys get your wives?

time is running out!!
thanks in advance!

I’ve never even heard of this custom.


As for a recommendation, I would get her something engraved from Things Remembered

Like a ham for instance.

Learn to play piano and play her a song just after the “thank you for coming” speech. Make sure to mention that you learned just to play this one song. Act nervous and mess up a couple times. Let your voice crack a bit during the chorus.

Guaranteed to make you Public Enemy #1 among every single guy in the place. On the flipside, you will have earned a special place in the hearts(?) of every single woman present.

Isn’t this the point of the rings? I’ve never heard of getting each other wedding gifts either.

Something Old.
Something New.
Something Borrowed.
Something Blue.

Spoofy’s recommendation is really good… if you’re going to then walk out of the store and get married in the bed of your pick-up truck out in the mall parking lot.

I don’t really know how to advise you, Del. Taking the advice of an outsider on that would make your relationship seem mechanical and utilitarian, so I’d advise you to think for yourself. You’re going to want something extremely personal, something indicative of the unique relationship you have with her, something touching and original.

I can tell you the most romantic thing I ever bought for a girl. When I was 18 or so, I was going out with some girl and we ended up going to the Brattle a lot to see old movies together. One day, we went to see Harvey and during the scene that Jimmy Stewart reveals the oil painting of him with his arm around a giant six-foot bunny rabbit in a bow-tie, she leaned close to me and laughing hysterically told me she’d love me forever if I bought her that painting. For the next month or two, I ended up combing everywhere trying to get a print of that painting and failed. I had no money, but I eventually saved up my paychecks for a couple of weeks and paid a company to extract, blow-up and clean-up that small quarter of a frame of film into a poster sized portrait of Jimmy Stewart and Harvey. I had it framed and gave it to her.

I just love telling that story. Anyway, I’ve never heard of this “groom gives the bride a gift” custom, but if you must, don’t follow anyone else’s advice on it. And definitely don’t take Spoofychop’s advice - there’s not a woman on earth outside your mom who wouldn’t sneer at you in abject disgust if you gave her a $19.95 pewter frame engraved with “I luv u 4-ever” by the gum-smacking 16 year old school girl behind the counter of your local Things Remembered.

My sense is hardly any men know of this, but I’m sure the ladies do. It’s also written up in most wedding planners/guidebooks.

I gave my wife a digital camera and she gave me a GPS device.

Not exactly the same thing, but I gave my wife a house warming gift for the day we took possesion of our new home. I made her a wooden tealight candle holder stained a nice chocolate brown. She was mightily impressed as I am basically one of the most unhandy guys around and am generally a menace around power tools.

I think the key to tat gift being special was that it was clearly something that I put effort into because it was for her.

So if she likes wooden tealight candle holders, feel free to swipe my idea. It’s a pretty easy project for those with even the remotest comptetence with power tools.

Also consider something like a photo album of the best times the two of you have had together. Pick a nice photo album. Perhaps something made from handcrafted paper.

And if she’s already got piles of jewellery, then perhaps a musical jewellery box that plays “our song” if you can find it.

Just be sure it costs at least $20,000, like the engagement ring, Doc. Remember, it’s money that matters!

Promise you’ll pay for a tattoo of “DrDel”.

Or, since she has plenty of earrings and necklaces, you could get her a really nice jewelry box.


Hey that’s a pretty good story. So romantic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Meg Ryan film with exactly that scenario starring Kevin Kline as the Irish guy.

Of course, my “most romantic gift” story is a lot better:

When I was eleven I found a gold ring with two ruby hearts in it at a playground. After combing the place asking everybody there if the ring was theirs, I pledged that I would someday give the ring to the first girl that I ever loved. Ten years later when I was 21 after I had been going out with my girlfriend (now wife of 7 years) for a few months I presented her with the ring and told her the story of the ring and how she was the first person I ever loved.

But don’t be sad Crypty. Your story was romantic too! Especially the part where, with exactly zero imagination, you did exactly what your girlfriend told you to do and then pretended that this demonstrated your unique connection to her.

Or the time that I chartered a small plane to fly me from my college to my girlfriend’s (now wife of seven years) college and pick her up for a romantic getaway. The plane landed, she came out of the waiting room, and I emerged from the plane with a bouquet of flowers. We then flew back to my college and proceeded on to our trip.

She really liked that one.

But I’m pretty sure that a blowup of a frame from “Jurassic Park” would have been really romantic too, since that’s the movie we saw on our first date.

Something like this maybe:

But don’t engrave it for heaven’s sake or you’ll turn into a redneck!!!

Spoofy, we both have good stories. Mine is, as you noted, based on a Meg Ryan film that you dreamed up just so you could hysterically overreact to someone criticising your first gut instinct of a trailer-trash gift you can pick up at any K-Mart. Yours is based on the ability of a gullible girl to believe that the “gift” you found at the bottom of the tub of Crackerjacks you bought at that self-same K-Mart was an actual romantic gesture, long nurtured in the bosom of a fat and hirsute rightwing Christian child. Shave your back and send up a prayer to the imaginary homophobe that you worship living in a cloud somewhere that He forgives you for intimate contact with another man! Then we can seal our romantic tie with a snuggle.


How did you know I have a hairy back.


That’s spooky.

Anyway, it’s been a pleasure over-reacting with you. You’re a lot more fun to have around than any of these new guys.


Get her pregnant.


Get her pregnant.[/quote]
What do you wanna bet that was the engagement “gift”… if a bit premature. :wink:


Get her pregnant.[/quote]

And get the baby engraved.

They should call that store “Things Remembered… at the Last Minute.

I went the digital camera route too… only thing is she thinks I use it more then she does.

She says she would of liked a pearl necklace instead… I keep telling her I’ll give her one at any time, yet she says no now… go figure.

earrings and a necklace ain’t going to do it… she already has enough of those…

also… a word to the wise… throw that shit RIGHT out the window. “enough jewlery, shoes, clothes, etc” is just not in their vocabulary.

See what piece of jewlery she’s missing. like she has only gold necklaces, or earrings… instead get a different type of earring or necklace (ex. pearls)