Negative T-bill yields

Yeah. Keep mouthing off like that and you’re in for an earfull.

Not these days, you don’t.

I’m really glad Microsoft didn’t blow all their cash hoard on Yahoo, they’re going to need it to get through this, and since I work for them now… well… yeah.

I guess the good news is that all those t-bills the Chinese have will bankrupt them and end Communism without firing a shot! Genius!

If you’d like to finance my newsletter, I would lurv to write you one! lol

Hey man, I’m just repeating what Bernanke told me.

How dare you disparage the American worker like that!!!

y halo thar Mr. Liquidity Trap!

I was wondering about this and a relative in an insurance company explained some newbie stuff - Commercial bank accounts are not insured if a bank goes bankrupt, so it was all the companies moving their cash over to short-term bonds so they don’t get declared bankrupt just because their bank goes down.

Interestingly, gold hasn’t been going up so I guess MS’s compound will remain unused for now.

They are finally providing enough parking at least.

Eh? Gold shot up $80 on thursday. It’s definitely on the rise. Well, it was. Who knows which way it will go next week…