Neighbor etiquette

Ok, let me first say that most of my neighbors are rednecks, of the worst kind…dangerously ignorant. That said, I feel that one should always at least be courteous to neighbors unless they give you a good reason to be otherwise. The question is what counts as a good reason?

Today, one of my neighbors had a dog get hit by a car. This was a small dog (beagle sized at most) and this neighbor has two other dogs, which are smaller. He lets them run around wherever they want (no fence), which means they get in everyone’s yard. The real problem though is that these dogs are constantly in the road, since the house is only about 50-70 feet from the road. Anyone who lives on a smallish country road knows that many people do about 60mph down them. So this dog getting hit was inevitable.

The problem is that I kind of think that this is a form of animal abuse. He doesn’t try to keep them out of the road, even when he sees them lounging in it. They are tiny dogs that chase people, other dogs, etc. out in the road. He sees it and does nothing. I don’t necessarily think the guy is mean. Perhaps he is just ignorant (he left an American flag out for a year, in weather and everything to support the war…it was completely shredded after a few months, but he left it up…this is an example of ignorance). But I am not sure what to do about it, if anything.

If your solution is “Who cares? They’re just dogs” save it. People have a responsibility to their pets. Now I may not have any toward another person’s pets. That’s a valid point. But someone does.

I agree with you, but I don’t know what you could do either.

steal them and give them to the humane society.

Something should be done. If his yard is big enough, he should have some sort of fencing for the dogs, for their own protection more than anything else. Or he could tie them out on a rope so that they could run around, but only within a certain radius, as long as the ropes are made sure not to get too tight around the doggie’s necks. The best is the wireless, underground electronic fence, but that’s also expensive.

If you go here, you can get the ASPCA’s list of agencies where you can report animal cruelty. Whoever your local agency is may be able to pay a visit to your neighbor and explain that allowing your dogs to run wild is an extremely bad idea.

Best idea yet, especially if it can be done anonymously. ;)

Tough spot. I think it’s not too much of an imposition to share your feelings with him about the death of the dog. You could also share you fears about having to experience it again. I think the key is to keep the focus on you and your feelings, not him. If he thinks you’re accusing or blaming him, he won’t budge and the remaining dogs are a lost cause. I’m no expert, but I suspect it would be difficult to prove neglect in this sort of situation and bring any sort of official sanctions on him. Besides, if you went the official route, you would certainly earn his enmity.

A) Take them and make for them an area with a proper fence

B) Take them and find someone who can and wants to take care of them

C) Leave them in his “care” and offer to build a proper fence if all else fails

D) Bat decisions work wonders for educating neglectful owners. You get the bat, he gets the decision

E) Call the ASPCA and hope the dogs don’t get stuck in some shithole kennel

You’ve basically already blundered around knitting your brow until something you thought was inevitable was proven to be so. Have you even tried bringing it up with this idiot?

I’ve got a neighbor a few houses down whose dog always seems to be out and about on our yard. >:/ Actually I can recount two sepearate incidences with two different houses with the same problem. People need to keep their pets on their own damn property. :evil:

I don’t think discussing your feelings with a tennessee redneck is a realistic approach.

“I feel like your dogs are in danger out there in the road”
“Yeah? Well I feel like you should get the fuck off my property and mind your own business!”

If they’re crapping in your yard, insist he implement measures to keep them confined. Or threaten to shoot them for trespassing because they pose a danger to your kids.

edit: the dogs, not the neighbor.

He’s an ass, but rural areas treat dogs like that for no apparent reason. “Hey, let’s leave our dog tied to a tree for 24 hours a day!”

You don’t have much of a legal recourse. Maybe just try yelling at him.

Are there any leash laws where you’re at? One thing I’ve noticed about country folks, or rednecks if you prefer, is that they don’t get as attached to animals and let “nature” take it’s course. They may have seen a lot of this growing up and are desensitized. They see them as animals and not members of the family. Saves on vet bills too. Anyway, if would be nice if people took better care of their animals so if you see neglect or abuse report it!

Yeah, if the guys is culturally predisposed to treating his pets this way, then you probalby don’t have much hope. You will share your feelings and he will look at you like your from Mars.

Or Venus

Good point. :)

Regardless of whether it will work, you really don’t have any other option than to talk about your feelings. I suppose you could try and go over waving a gun, or offer to shoot the dogs, but that’s not going to solve the problem of the dogs running in the street. Now if you just want to vent, that’s another story. Maybe I’ve misunderstood and that’s what the orignal question is about, whether it is appropriate to yell at the neighbor instead of solve the problem?

It will if he says yes.

oh… and before you think I’m anti animal… I’d rather see a dog shot than be hit by a car. … Actually… shoot the owner. Keep the dogs.

perhaps you could approach it that you don’t want the dogs running wild because they get in your yard. the guy might not respect his pets, but he should respect your wish to protect your property. maybe that will convince him to keep them under control.

of course, you run the risk of him still letting the dogs run free but beating the crap out of them when they go in your yard. which obviously doesn’t fix the problem, but makes life worse for the dogs.

My girlfriend grew up on a rural Tennesee farm next to a country road. She had quite a few dogs, for the exact same reason that Robert points out.

Her family just never saw dogs or cats as indoor animals and part of the family.

She’s different though. :)

I have another friend whose family had a dog that sat in the garage the ENTIRE DAY. It never got out. That’s fucking sad.

Run over the other dogs. Problem solved, no more dogs.

You must be one of the afore mentioned rednecks, eh?