Neil Gaiman's American Gods on STARZ


I may have to re-read this. I liked but didn’t fall in love with it the first time.


Nor did i.



Today is MY day!


Wow. I know they have a great cast, but I wasn’t expecting this to look as good as it does,


Full trailer:


Man I just stumbled across that trailer, and I’ve got to say Peter Stromare is basically how Czernobog looked in my mind, so I love that.

One thing I wonder is how coy they play with Wednesday’s identity, and if viewers pick up on it. Being familiar as I am with the origins of the days name, and the mythology that inspired it, I figured it out almost as soon as he appeared. In the book there were constant little clues for those literate in the mythologies.


Wow good stuff. I really loved the first episode. I hadn’t read the book yet and a friend lent it to me earlier this month. I felt guilty for not starting it so I dug in Saturday, wow great stuff. It was awesome that so much of this first episode was lifted straight from the book and made the translation well. I’m excited to finish the book and continue the series but a little bummed out that it seems like with the amount of content available the show must be fairly short lived.

Maybe this will lead to a Sandman show. That could be really cool.


Gaiman is certainly hoping so. And supposedly this season will cover a third of the book, so I am guessing it will be a three season affair or so. Definitely with some additions since the book skips over some stuff that could make for good episodes.

I thought the opening episode was phenomenal.


Is the protagonist’s name in this really “Shadow Moon”??


I am assuming that they are adding some stuff into the narrative to stretch it out since they announced that they have added several gods that were not in the book. Also they have the connected book Anansi Boys to work with, something I would love to see them adapt to screen. On the plus side, if they do it, Anansi Boys is far more accessible than American Gods.


Yup. I think it gets justified at some point. But maybe not.


I really liked the first episode, but my wife didn’t. She found it too disjointed and “cold” and couldn’t get into it.

This may be one of the rare times in which our opinions diverge on a genre show.


I’m not sure ‘justified’, so much as ‘thematic foreboding’. It’s given some lip service about his mother and his fathers relationship, but mostly because shadow fits several of the metaphors Gaiman was using.


I think 95% of the forum readers here should know who Mr. Wednesday is. I’m not sure about gen pop thought. Like that XKCD says it’s too easy to think everyone else knows what you know.


Yeah I think they make it pretty darn explicit during the trip behind the scenes about 2/3 through the book, but before that were generally subtle. Well, subtle-ish. I don’t know, I’ve always had a skewed view of what obvious is.


I thought the episode was fantastic, can’t wait to watch more. Perhaps a bit more gratuitous violence than was necessary, and I like gratuitous violence.


Well, it is Bryan Fuller, so you kind of had to expect that freed of the fetters of the FCC, he’d finally go beautifully, artistically, unhinged with the blood and sex. And he did not disappoint. That Bilquis scene…


Is that true, this is a multi season show. Damn, I thought they would wrap it up in one shot.


They are going to have to expand some characters and plotlines. It wasn’t a book that big.


I wish I had a subscription to Starz. I would so love to watch this.