Neil Gaiman's American Gods on STARZ


Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are leaving the show. No news on who will replace them.


Well shit.


Man, can’t Fuller actually stick around a show he created? He bailed from Discovery, too, didn’t he?


Yes, but there he left before it aired.




That’s secondhand and no actual quote was located by the author of that article, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Showrunners leaving their baby isn’t generally a great sign, especially when they clearly had a ton to do with what made the show good.


Don’t see how such a unique and odd show goes on without the original creators. This pretty much kills any interest in season 2 for me.


Since Gillian Anderson won’t come back without Fuller, Starz is looking to write Media out completely.

We hear the show is searching for a 20-something, Asian woman to play the series-regular part, which symbolizes the role of social media in modern American life the same way that Gillian Anderson’s Media represented television and pop culture in Season 1.


Just completely replacing a key character at the last minute always works out great and doesn’t bode ill for the coming season at all!


I had asssumed there wouldn’t be a season 2 at all. The show had some visual similarities to Hannibal (thanks Bryan Fuller?) which I’d assume will be lost if they continue.


I’m beginning to think Fuller might not be the easiest to work with. He’s bailed on another show:

The Vampire Chronicles TV show marks the fourth project in 18ish months that Fuller has summarily ditched, following Star Trek: Discovery, American Gods, and the Amazing Stories reboot.


The guy has talent but defiantly seems like he must either be he gets his way or he is out.




Such a shame that this show is falling apart. I felt the first season was really well done.



No interest after all the problems with this show. It’s too unique for just anybody to come in and take over. The show was dead when Fuller left.


I’m shocked that there’s a season 2 at all.

This isn’t going to happen again:

Or if you want it all:


And it just keeps getting worse for season 2 of American Gods:

" Now, Kristin Chenoweth is walking away from the role of the old god Easter, which she confirmed in an interview with TV Line. Like Anderson, Chenoweth attributes her decision to the absence of Bryan Fuller."


At this rate, their best bet is to just film Ian McShane reading the rest of the novel.


I’d watch it.