Neil Gaiman's American Gods on STARZ


The best parts of the show were the pre-show vignettes and the road trip sequences with Laura, Sweeny, and Salim. They should just ignore the rest of the novel and keep doing those.


Another one not returning.


Make sure you tell @rshetts, he didn’t know.


Ah, whoops, missed it.


Well… That is one shit way to write off Easter.


Wow. I didn’t catch it (I’d don’t have STARZ and I’m currently not indulging in alternative acquistion), but it sounds like the current crop of showrunners had absolutely no idea where to take this thing. Too bad. Season 1 was really good.


I haven’t seen it yet- waiting for the series to motsly-end so I can subscribe to Starz for a month and watch the whole thing. But I really wondered how they were going to get out of the Season 1 ending. The series was pretty true to the book up until then, only really expanding on roles and backstory hinted at in the novel (his wife, the leprechaun, the djinn, etc), but the ending was a radical departure from anything that happened in the book. If they just killed her off to ‘teach her a lesson’ and get back to the ‘status quo’ and actual book storyline, I probably wouldn’t be too disappointed- I’d put the blame on the former showrunners for departing from the story in such a monumentally stupid way.


Oh, man. Come back to me after you watch this episode.


Haha, will do. Now I’m really interested, but in a morbidly-fascinated sort of way.


I thought it was overall an underwhelming season premiere. Not terrible, but not gripping either. Very focused on delivering trippy visuals to prove that nothing has changed since season 1, but not really moving anything forward. The rallying cry about how the old gods need to make a stand against the new ones just like a simple repeat of what was already said in the previous season. Sure, a few new characters were introduced along the way, but the notion itself was repetitive. I could also do with fewer Shadow Moon reaction shots because we’ve seen his confused face expression enough at this point.




Boy oh boy. This season has really started with a thud.

Second episode is a wheel-spinning stock backstory script for Shadow. Very lame. Also, drawing out the rebirth of Media does the show no favors.


I was hopeful that this season would at least be OK since Gaiman is apparently pretty heavily involved, but it’s straight up boring. I’m going to stick with it for a little while longer I guess.


I plan on watching this only after it’s done running and there’s a consensus on if the season was any good. I really enjoyed season one quite a bit, and I’m happy to leave it at that.


3 episodes in and it’s still boring. I’ll also wait for someone with more patience to finish this and give the this up before I watch any more.