Neill Blomkamp - A man of impeccable taste and virtue

An interview, now he is releasing Elysium

CLICK: The third person cover shooter…?
NB: Yea exactly. The stuff that I’m actually into currently - I’m really into the new Battlefield [BF3] so I’m playing that a lot. But I just destroyed the computer that was running on so it’s not working out for me right now.

CLICK: So you play on PC, you’re not a console person?!
NB: I fucking hate consoles dude!

CLICK: Why?!
NB: Dude, no!

CLICK: You were going to make a Halo movie!
NB: I cannot stand consoles!

Hey Neil, what’s your spm? Should I invite you to the qt3 clan?

:P :P

Oh good, another dinosaur. I mean, yawn.

While I do most of my gaming on a PC, I also have a PS3 right next to it that gets a lot of use, and a 360 in the house. I’ll admit I’ll get a PC flavor of a game before I pick up any other if I’ve the choice, but I don’t believe anyone who claims to be a gamer should be shutting out possible avenues of amazing experiences by hating one piece of hardware over another. Vita, 3DS, PS3, PC, Steam, Origin, etc. - they all get games in my hands, so they all work just fine for me. /shrug

I only game on the PC, I see I’m in good company.

You know what’s fun? Another PC vs console discussion/argument.

And in the movies forum, no less.

Seriously, a round of applause for TurinTur putting a stealth platform war thread in an unrelated forum. Good effort, dude.

I was doubting between here and the games forum, actually. In the end, it’s not a very serious thread, so whatever. ;)

Apart of the jokish pc vs console BS, the interview is interesting, so I put it here in the movies forum.

I have an idea! Let’s do that.

Missed the best part :D

CLICK: God, how were you going to come at those questions when people talked about consoles?!
NB: I forced myself to play that bullshit with the thumbs but I hate that stuff. But you have to remember if I’m from computer graphics and 3D animation, I basically have like Cray research computers running 3D graphics on them.

CLICK: So why would I want these shitty textures on a console?!
NB: Exactly! You just want the most disgustingly high resolution, incredibly high frame rate [explosion noise] image! So and the precision too!

But yea, the movie might be good too. District 9 was fantastic, especially considering its miniscule budget.

This discussion will only be slightly more predictable than the ending of Elysium! Still, I do admire Blomkamp’s priorities.