Nemesis board game

Would anyone be interested in buying a brand new, unopened all in pledge for the Nemisis board game?

That is a lot of boxes! My Nemesis (small condo) doesnt let me splurge on too many games anymore due to severe lack of space.

Don’t tempt me

I heard this game plays well solo?

Yep. You can find quite a few solo playthroughs for it on YouTube. Solo, it’s more survival horror than the constant threat of one of your fellow players backstabbing you. The game is one my wife and I enjoy a lot. You do need a big table through.

Yeah that is the other factor since I only have a Bridge table. Not enough table space and I would not be able to leave the table open for any major length of time.

First-time posters are allowed to start new threads and hawk their wares? I got flagged once for linking a site that was selling something, and I’d been here for years.

Yeah, it’s going to be a consideration. This is Nemesis when we last played it on a table that sits 6 comfortably.

And this is the game on our table which is closer to sitting 8:

Nemesis will, if you let it and spread out the components a bit, happily gobble up all the space, whatever the space is.

You’re missing these awesome character trays in each player’s color.

We’re going to need a bigger table…

I already purchased the mat to use instead of the board as it eliminates reflections and creases. Makes the ship that much more pleasant to navigate.

I’ve considered the scenery pack. However, unless it gets painted, it’s worse than the standees. That one is an indulgence I can live without.

Those player boards are neat though. I’m tempted. I’m just not sure how having that set space per player would fit.

Given the length and storytelling aspects of the game, it’s tempting to bling it to add immersion though.

I own those them and I will tell you they are great!
Needed, no, but they work great to keep things organized and add some flair. The wheels for tracking ammo are magnetic and it holds your board and your cards really well and yes the thing is a beast on the table. Was very impressed with the AR game mats. Nemesis and Lockdown were so good I got it for Great Wall.

This is my most played game so I have definitely gone down the rabbit hole. I painted my figures (with some cool uv paint hidden on them). I have 3d printed computers for the rooms that need them and other fun bits. I really want to get a 3d printed map with leds.

I highly recommend printing, or buying on etsy, the life tracker rings for the invaders. So much better than trying to stack cubes on things. They make a couple of versions now. One uses the cubes the other which I’m tempted to buy is a dial base the alien sits in and you just rotate the arrow to the number of hits it has.