Nemesis Crown

Soooo, the annual Games Workshop campaign starts later this month, and I’m wondering: Does anyone around here do that sort of thing?

I’ve sold off my painted 40K stuff, and have been thinking about trying my hand at Fantasy. (No market for that on eBay though, so I’ll be keeping this army.) I thought I’d paint up a small Orc and Goblin or Empire force and try to play some games locally. The 40K campaigns are always pretty cool, but I haven’t really followed the fantasy ones. What was the last one, Albion?

Anyway, just curious.

Last fantasy campaign was the Storm of Chaos, or How GW Majorly Fucked Up the Warhammer World. I’ll stop myself there, but the thought that the results of the campaign are now officially part of the Warhammer lore still makes me pissed off.

The new campaign is a lot less limited in scope and thus more plausible and less likely to fuck over the Warhammer world as we know it, and should be good fun. The way GW runs these campaigns though you need to play forum games to make an impact since GW likes to incorporate fan fiction, as well as coordinating with the rest of your chosen race.

I thought Medusa V went well last year, so hopefully this will go well too.

I got a lot of High Elves that still need painting.

Kalle, you’re right. I forgot about the Storm of Chaos. I think I remember Albion because I dug the Dark Emissary model, though now I’m recalling how badass the Archaon model was.

(I paint far more than I play. I dork out like a champ over the models. Half the time I wonder if I just buy the books to read them.)

Could you give me a brief recap of what happened with the Storm of Chaos? I thought it was cool that they incorporated the lore from Medusa V into 40K. How did they screw up fantasy?