Neo Nazis and the Alt Right

Seemed like this group of human garbage deserved its own thread. This article from Salon offers an amusing place to start.

So Mike Enoch turns out to be a Mike Peinovich, who is married to a jewish woman, despite building his website and reputation upon being an overt anti-semite and neo-nazi xenophobe. Now his little nazi followers are sad.

It’s funny how these people, who are most venomous against various groups of “others”, whether it be jews, or muslims, or gay people… seem to be almost universally hypocrites. The preachers who rail against adultery and homosexuality, ALWAYS end up having it come out that they had gay orgies or some such crap. And so it is with the alt right nazis.

I am jack’s complete lack of surprise.

I just hope no one finds out I’ve been developing a survival crafting game after ranting about them for the last couple years.

I hope no one finds out I’ve been playing WoW more than ever, and running +7/8/9 Mythics every day.

The scary part is how he had like 100k people sending him money.

I realize the mistake of my life was not pandering to racists. There is good money in it evidently.

Wasn’t there also a split within the Alt Right after he was elected and the, “Hail Trump,” comment came out?

This Twitter thread offers a different perspective on the origins of the alt-right – that it grew out of Internet geek culture. You’ll have to click through to read it all.

Sadly based at least on my own anecdotal evidence, she’s pretty much spot on.

Also sadly, self-hating Jews are not new. There are a surprisingly large number of neo-Nazi types who are Jewish by origin, if not by cultural affinity.

The real question is what can you do about it? You attack the Gamergate types they just retrench.
It’s probably going to take a full on assault on Ajit Pai and making them think Trump is basically Anita Sarkessian on steroids.

Internet geek culture is painting a lot of normal people with a swastika shaped brush. It’s 4chan and it’s offshoots.

Another thing I won’t read because it’s chopped up into 140 character blocks. Sigh

You’re not missing anything.

She’s basically saying Gamergate was the precursor to Trumpism, and she’s not wrong. There’s a reason Milo latched on to it and became their leader. He wanted to recruit a young generation of conservatives. He’s said as much. Breitbart gave him a platform to engage disaffected gamers, 4chan nazis got on board, and it snowballed from there.

After they defeated the SJWs in the gaming space (make no mistake, Gamergate won) they needed something to focus their energy on. Enter Trump.

But I take umbrage with equating Geek Culture to Gamergaters. Everyone here is part of geek culture and we’re not nazis. Well except that one guy

How did they win? I ask this honestly, as i don’t recall any real result of that whole thing.

Where are Sarkeesian, Alexander, and Wu? Where’s Gawker? Are any game devs worried about SJW Twitter mobs now? They won.

Well, in the case of Gawker, they are gone because of things that didn’t have much to do with gamergate at all.

For the others? Maybe they just weren’t really that relevant to begin with? For someone like sarkesian, as an example, i only ever encountered her stuff because of the gamergate crap to begin with.

Here, Sarkeesian is still doing her thing…

Putting up new stuff as recently as a few days ago.

It’s just that no one really cares. Without the drama of gamergate, is just not that interesting. But this isn’t really the same as gamergate “winning”.

As someone who works closely with an academic program training game developers at the college level, my take is that actually we’re winning (and by we I mean the non-Gamergate twits). Little by little the people actually going into the industry are becoming much more aware of race, class, gender, and diversity in general. They’re also, as a group, becoming more diverse, across the whole spectrum of identifiers. It’s only a matter of time; the audience for games is shifting away from the 18-24 year old white male demo, and has been for a while. The industry will follow, eventually.

The reason they won was because your average gamer hated SJWs more than Gamergate. They didn’t see gators as a threat to them, they saw SJWs as a threat. The one thing gamers hate is censorship, and SJWs are fundamentally pro-censorship, and Gamergate was “anti-censorship”. I’d say winning can be measured by sites which lost a good bit of traffic were generally on the pro-SJW side of the spectrum. People chose places they considered less intolerant of them.

BTW it’s also not the audience size that matters- it’s the spending power. The SJW crowd just don’t spend money on games as a general rule. That also varies from game to game.

That said, Gamergate is losing now because it’s been tied in too close to Trump- and that’s driving the saner folks away.

In the end, if you don’t make what people want, they won’t buy your stuff. Especially when their dollar is stretched.

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Have we just unleashed a torrent of closet white nationalism which festered in hiding for a long time, or are we nationally repudiating our liberal ideals? Because we have surely handed the keys over to a cadre who do NOT hold to the majority vision of America from the last half century.