Neo Nazis and the Alt Right




The alt right was trying to ally themselves with libertarians at first, quite explicitly, until folks who actually knew what libertarianism was pointed out that they were on the exact opposite of the political spectrum from the fascists, so now this.


They heard about the whole “we don’t need the 14th Amendment” and got the wrong idea.

Turns out strident anti-authoritarians (to the point of naivety at times) don’t actually have much in common with strident authoritarians. Who knew?


Charlie Rose looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.


The normal human reaction to being within a mile of Bannon.


This kind of belongs here:

As part of the demonstration, eight Ku Klux Klan effigies were hung from a single tree. Each effigy wore a “full-body clown costume” under the KKK robe. Each effigy wore a placard that read: “IF ATTACKED BY A MOB OF CLOWNS, GO FOR THE JUGGLER”


Raw Story: ‘You’re a f*cking idiot’: InfoWars reporter stunned after he’s brutally mocked by young girl


I did a search for Irma on reddit and ended up on a prepper thread.

I bet he lied about prepping for hurricanes. It turned out to be on the_donald.


O, Canada…


Honestly. I hope lots of them are killed.



I think everyone but philosophy grad students probably misunderstands Nietzsche.


Yeah, apart from the complexity of his thought and his iconoclastic approach and all that, there’s the going insane part too, so there’s the question of what he would have written in his later works had he been more lucid.


Nietzsche related. Need to click on Mina’s name to get the full context.

Mina Kimes is a senior writer at ESPN and has one of the best twitter feeds around.


“Apes read philosophy, they just don’t understand it!” - Wanda to Otto


“Don’t call me stupid!” – Trump’s base


Activists erected and tore down a Confederate-themed statue of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in downtown D.C. on Wednesday in protest of the Trump administration’s repeal of the DACA program.

“Jeff Sessions is a living monument to the Confederacy,” said Marisa Franco, director of Latino advocacy group Mijente, who announced the march in a release. “He and Donald Trump’s white supremacist agenda must be stopped.”


And this is what happens when you feed a kid a diet consisting of right-wing bullshit. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son is posting anti-Semitic propaganda online. He recently posted a variation of a classic anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Jews controlling the world.

JERUSALEM — Israeli leaders and political commentators reacted with anger and bewilderment Sunday after Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a classic anti-Semitic meme on his Facebook page.

Neo-Nazi groups in the United States and Holocaust denier David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, liked the post, however.

“Yair Netanyahu is a total bro,” wrote Andrew Anglin in the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer. “Next he’s going to call for gassings.”

David Duke responds to his post with a tweet saying “Welcome to the club, Yair - absolutely amazing, wow, just wow.” [Yair is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son’s name].


Yair is… Jewish, right?


Presumably. I am certain, however, he is stupid.