Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Also, the alien is trying to escape.


That’s a whole lotta makeup on Bannon.



Correction: This story originally said the driver of the Silverado was arrested. In fact, he was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car but later released without arrest, according to a Vancouver Police spokeswoman. WW regrets the error.



As long as you fail to kill anyone, I guess it’s OK.


Yet it still couldn’t completely disguise the appearance of a Sith Lord. I haven’t watched the video clip yet, but just the still image makes me expect to see him shoot lightning from his fingertips.


Since Bannon likes to think of himself as a Star Wars bad guy, I try not to flatter him by making the comparison.

I think he just looks like a surly and unpleasant person who drinks too much, although I must concede the dark brilliance of mobilizing millions of gamer douchebags (and their buddies in the MRA, PUA, and white-supremacist bogs) into a political movement whose core ethos appears to be “be a total fucking asshole.”


I must say that I noticed this before I ever saw a meme about it:


Shut the fuck up. Well done, Washington. Way to restore civic confidence in your shit.


Since James Woods is deep into the racist Kool Aide, this probably counts.


I kinda like how Tim Kaine doesn’t pull his punches.

“Why did they come to Virginia?” Kaine asks, noting that most of the participants were from out of state. “If you have a fantasy about the Civil War, Virginia plays a role in your psychosis. These people hate to see Virginia moving forward.”


I had no idea that there was also a Vancouver, Washington in the US.


I don’t know where to put this, but it seems like it belongs here. An 8 year old biracial boy in New Hampshire was the target of a botched lynching by a group of teenagers.

Fucking… ugh. 8 years old. Ever since I had kids any bad story about a kid is like a gut punch to me. This one especially is infuriating me.


I love the moms response, she is far more calm and rational than I would be in her shoes.

My response would be practically unprintable.

14 and they tried to hang a boy. He shouldn’t be tried as a child at that point.


Well, come on, be fair. There were bad people on both sides.


Woof. Well played, but woof.


Let’s just go back to the 1300’s.




Good fuckin god if witchcraft was real I’d be hexin motherfuckers left and right


That is some serious front page tabloid rubbish.