Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Doing it at a Red Sox game, where there’s a history of racism from baseball’s past (and continues into the present… read the whole article), does make it tougher to parse. They want to rename Yawkey Way after all.


So Breitbart is attempting to sell it’s readers on the idea that somehow there is a direct connection between the Washington establishment and black magic.

Next week they will publish an article that theorizes the only way we can fight black magic is, of course, with white magic.


White magic is inherently curative but deals double damage to the undead and anti-fascist protesters.


Raw Story: ‘I hope nobody loses their lives’: Armed neo-Confederates descend on Virginia to defend statue ‘at all costs’

Richmond, Virginia is bracing for violence as neo-Confederates target the former capitol of the Confederacy less than one month after Heather Heyer was killed in what many are calling an act of domestic terrorism.

CSAII: The New Confederate States of America is planning an unpermitted “Heritage not Hate” rally to defend Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument following the deadly “Unite the Right” rally to defend Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee statue.

“I hope nobody loses their lives tomorrow, on either side, I really do,” CSA II organizer and Three Percenter militia organizer Tara Brandau told WTVR. “That’s not why we are here.”

Friday morning, Brandau posted photos of her in a pickup truck, flashing a Three Percenter gang-sign while wearing a ‘POLICE’ hat and confederate fingerless gloves.

Two long rifles appear to be displayed in a rear window rack.


Not infowars? I thought Breitbart pretended to be less crazy


Well, someone had to point it out.


Where I’m from, we’d call these folks traitors and secessionists, which means they could probably be executed for treason.

I mean, Confederates are guilty of directly committing treason, even under the extremely specific definition given in article 3 of the Constitution.


Why is that picture flipped? That’s odd.


Maybe some front-facing phone cameras reverse the image? Dunno. It’s from the “Southern Born” woman’s Facebook page.


Capitol City Heritage protest pretty much a nothingburger. New rebels outnumbered hundreds to a bakers dozen.



Quick question. Is @Timex in Seattle currently?


In this case, it seems folks used the internet to find the guy and punch him.


The reddit thread following this is titled, “Happened downtown. I bet he did nazi that coming.”.


“Night night”


At the end of August, Furie’s lawyers reached a settlement with Eric Hauser—the former assistant principal in Texas who appropriated Pepe’s image for use in an Islamophobic children’s book. Furie’s lawyers forced Hauser to stop selling the book and made him donate his profits to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

When Hauser agreed to settle out of court, I spoke with Furie’s lawyers who told me they would use the Hauser settlement as a springboard to go after anyone else who profited from or misused Pepe. It appears they’ve made good on that promise.
To that end, Tompros and his team have taken the first steps towards dismantling the alt-right’s stranglehold on Pepe. They’ve served a cease and desist letter to Richard Spencer’s Altright .com, noting the specific places where Spencer and his team have used Pepe in violation of Furie’s copyright. Pepe is all over Spencer’s site and is the mascot for his podcast, Alt-Right Politics.

“We’ve asked them to take them down,” Tompros said. “That hasn’t happened yet, but they’re very much on notice. We plan to take action if they don’t.”

Tompros and team have also gone after alt-right figure Baked Alaska, serving cease and desist letters to him and DMCA notices to Amazon, Twitter and his other online social media spaces. According to the lawyers, they also got Amazon to stop selling his book, Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed, which used Pepe on its cover. Meme Magic is currently not available on Amazon .com, but a used copy was for sale on Amazon at the time of publishing.


Not a good day for Nazi frogs.


Who knew Nazi tears taste like sweet, sweet nectar.


I like seeing nazis getting beat down.


That was a heckuva punch.