Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


How long before Trump or Fox News comments on this incident from the Nazi’s point of view?


Actually not that many. I love how Indy was so conflict-averse and non-heroic in that movie.


Warm fuzzies, baby. :)


Dude is gonna get arrested. Maybe we’ll see an actual challenge to Fighting Words, but I doubt it.

Still made me smile. Guy is a hero for doing it on camera with zero fucks given.


And he should, he blatantly assaulted someone. Doesn’t mean I won’t applaud him for it, though!


That’s what made doing what he did so much more heroic, really.

And I’ll applaud him until the day I die.


And doesn’t mean I would help the police find him either. Snitches get stitches ;)

But, yeah. Face the law if they come knocking. I think he could get his defense fund publically covered though.


I’m in for $50


Apparently not.

The Nazi refused to cooperate with the Seattle PD, and the police said they aren’t bothering to pursue.


Hahahahha that’s amazing.

Hahahahahahahahaha so funny.


“The man was given an SPD business card.”

This is how like, 90% of all encounters with the SPD end, apparently.



Nazis gonna Nazi, news at 11?




Nazis gonna Nazi all night long like it’s 19Nazi9.


Poor Milo’s big nazi-a-thon weekend appears to be going down in flames. I’m sure it’s a big university-media-antifa conspiracy to silence him, though.


Why are these events all preaching and no actual debate nowadays? Why is it so hard to have an event where debate on multiple sides of an issue occurs? Why don’t they invite Ta-Nehisi Coates to debate Yiannopoulos or something?


The point isn’t to hash ideas out or challenge people’s beliefs. It’s to make money and grow your brand through positive publicity.

If you get on stage with an opponent and he or she makes an ass out of you, then congratulations. You’re giving the other person half of your ticket sales and you’ve boosted their brand over yours.


The people that come to a college event like this are usually freshmen charged up with the concept of being in college. The older and more mature folks are not interested or just busy with studies. It’s the equivalent of a crappy magic show.