Neo Nazis and the Alt Right


Around here it’s usually not even students, it’s just random folks from the area.

So if say Clinton comes to speak, most of the audience will be local Democrats and the like.



It’s going to be interesting to see what happens this Sunday. I’m thinking we might see more folks taking a knee.


In my movie version of reality we’d have both teams and thousands of people in the stands taking a knee.


It’d be great to see that but the basic fact that even teams are divided up politically means that it’ll probably never happen.


But if kicked all the sons of bitches out that did no one could play a game.

Which would be delicious.


You just know he called Curry the n-word as part of this, off-camera. If only someone had been filming it…


… it would make no difference whatsoever in his support levels among Republicans. Just more ‘locker room talk.’


Might boost his polls in some constiuencies


I’m so pissed of about something else right now I thought this actually happened.



The Antife?



The heck?? Why?

EDITED: because my first former military member response is always to drop an F-bomb.


To keep an eye on the Russian branch of the campaign?


I mean I could see it, but a mole? At Facebook? It reads like a Dr Evil not-quite-fully-hatched scheme.

Maybe it was more to manipulate the message or the formulas for presenting them?


Well, that is what he does. Nobody said he was sane. Take it from me. That is the face of a seriously heavy drinker. Who knows what kind of shit is going on in his head.


Swig heil I imagine

Yes, intentional spelling



I mean he’s not wrong about that.